The Samsung Galaxy S6 Lineup: S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active, And The S6 Note
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Lineup: S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active, And The S6 Note

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Lineup: S6, S6 Edge, S6 Active, And The S6 Note

We take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 lineup of this year and attempt to guess how the Korean giant plans to extend this product line

Samsung believes that with its S6 lineup the company has set the bar high when it comes to innovation. We can agree with the Korean company only when it comes to the S6 edge. With the S6 it finally embraced a fusion of metal and glass, something it should have done long time back because the Galaxy S lineup has been primed as the top-tier flagship devices.

We decided to take an overview of the Galaxy S6 lineup, starting with the S6 and S6 edge, which got the world’s attention and bagged some points for innovation, then we move towards the recently introduced S6 Active, notoriously famous for its killer battery and enter the rumor territory by looking at the S6 Note or S6 Edge Plus, the various names this device goes by.

Galaxy S6

The decent kid on Samsung’s block is the Galaxy S6, with a 5.1-inch screen and a powerful 577ppi resolution, Samsung did not push towards increasing the screen size from the Galaxy S5 but rather focused on delivering more pixels, not a bad thing but certainly not something you will be able to decipher easily. It could have tried going towards a 5.5-inch screen.

With 3GB RAM, an Exynos processor in lieu of the favored Qualcomm Snapdragon, the Galaxy S6 is not screaming loudly when it comes to its innards. But rather the exterior is the talk of the town, with the fusion of metal and glass, Samsung did the right thing to embrace these materials. The phone however hints a bit towards its rival Apple iPhone 6 and certain aesthetic features resemble a lot. But Samsung is dusting all those claims aside and focuses on its camera sensors to be superior to the iPhone’s one and they indeed are.

Galaxy S6 Edge

If you were looking for a showstopper from Samsung, then the Galaxy S6 edge is what you should be looking at. In terms of specs it is exactly the same as its cousin, the Galaxy S6. With a slightly higher battery life pegged at 2,600mAh compared to the 2,550mAh, the S6 edge maintains the same respectable specifications. The screen size is the same and brags the same high end pixels per inch.

But what makes it the stand out device of the lineup and the one we would go for, even though this is the expensive cousin, is the edge! The curved edge screen on the S6 edge brought out the “oooh” and “aah” at the unveiling. The device is pretty to look at and it does serve a functional purpose as well other than just being aesthetically appealing.

Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung does get creative with its name but the S6 active is all about ruggedness. This is Samsung’s answer for a rough and tough phone that can handle every day wear and tear and more. It also serves as a sort of competition to Sony’s waterproof and dust-resistant devices. Samsung of course kicks up the ruggedness up a notch by making the S6 active vibration, shock, rain, salt (if you accidentally spill salt on the dinner table) and solar radiation resistant. With so many resistance levels the good news is that the device is not human resistant but be warned that does not rank high when aesthetics come into play.

Sporting the same innards as its other two relatives, the S6 active differs in the storage option, only 32GB, the ppi is down a notch, its 576 instead of 577, as if the difference would be noticeable, and it stands out from its cousins in terms of battery life. The S6 active packs a powerful 3,500mAh which ranks above the S6 and the S6 edge, primarily because Samsung wanted the active to be more durable and survive harsh conditions for longer hours.

Galaxy S6 Note

Now this might sound confusing and might be discredited as farce but hear out the rumors and our take on it. Samsung has kept its Galaxy S lineup separate from its Galaxy Note lineup, the past indicates that. However recent leaks of a device claim that a certain Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has been making the rumor rounds in the news. Up till recently it was believed that the new device will be referred to as the S6 edge plus but the screen size on the device is claimed to be 5.7-inches.

That is entering Note territory, and Samsung would simply not spring for a device called the S6 edge plus and bring up a Note 5 fighting in the same category and cannibalizing each other. No, it could be an indication that the Note lineup might be merging with the Galaxy S lineup, and it does make sense. Moving forward, Samsung could continue with efforts focused on one line instead of two distinct lines. Thus the Galaxy S6 Note theory takes root. But that is just one side, 9to5google has stumbled across a trademark that Samsung has filed with the name S6 Note. There is no link whether this is the rumored S6 edge plus according to the filings but it does lend credence to the theory that Note 5 may not be happening and you may get to see a Galaxy S6 Note.

The leaks also indicate that the rumored device will have a curved display on both sides and will run Android 5.1.1 out-of-the-box. A Note device with a curved display could be a possibility. Till then, you can go through our views on what the Note 5 would be like if it does become to be a separate device. However it is all based on hunches and rumors and waiting for the official announcement might be the wise choice.

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