10 Must Have Android Wear Apps This Summer: Wrist Power
10 Must Have Android Wear Apps This Summer: Wrist Power

10 Must Have Android Wear Apps This Summer: Wrist Power

Give power to your wrist with these super apps for Android wear

Android Wear is just a few days away from its first anniversary. Also, it now has a lot of apps under its belt. We decided to sift through the tons of apps out there for your smartwatch and present to you the apps that we think are a must have for your Android Wear device.

1. Toggles Wear

Toggles Wear is an app that takes most often used toggles on your phone such as Wi-Fi on/off or Bluetooth on/off and allows you to transfer these toggles in a group on your watch, giving you the control directly on your wrist. Apart from this, it also lets you check your battery and data stats right on your watch’s screen. The app is available for download from the Play Store for $1.30.

2. UhrArt

One of the best things about Android is the depth of customization and Android wear is no exception. The app UhrArt allows users to browse hundreds of watch faces from its community and set any that they like. Moreover, it lets users create and share their own designs as well. Considered to be the first app any Android wear user must get, UhrArt lets users create their own custom design faces as well. Get it from the Play Store for free.

3. Wear Mini Launcher

This app has hundreds of thousands of downloads on the Play Store. This is purely because of its practicality. Smartwatches are not big on screen sizes and hence it gets difficult to open and use an app. This app allows users to launch apps without a lot of swiping and scrolling. It also provides quick options to users. And with the new update it lets users lock their phone screen with a tap on their wrist. Download Wear Mini Launcher from the Play Store.


One of the most acclaimed apps for Android in 2014, IFTT (If This Then That) makes it way to the Android wear platform. The purpose of this app is to simplify everyday tasks for users; it does this by providing allowing users to link actions of various apps for more automation. For instance: a user can create a “recipe,” which automatically syncs a photo to Dropbox as soon as it’s taken. To simplify and automate your everyday tasks, head over to the Play Store to download IFTT.

5. Dragon Laser

What if there is a perfect game to ward off boredom and also playable right on your wrist? Dragon Laser is up to that job, a very simple Tetris like game, which requires you to drop bricks to form complete lines in order to clear them and make a high score. Apart from being addictive and not to mention free, it lets you check time while playing as well, so download it right now and start clearing away a high score.

6. Mini Dialer

This app allows you to dial a number, initiate calls or pull up the dialer by simply saying “Open Mini Dialer.” It might also make your dream come true of being an international spy agent and talk to your wrist watch, but if you get awkward glances then that is not on us. It even displays call logs and options such as enabling speaker phone without you touching your device for anything. Oh and one more thing, it will cost you $2 to buy the app from the Play Store, not every good thing is for free.

7. Evernote For Android Wear

Evernote is one of the most downloaded and popular notes taking app on Android. Its availability on Android Wear will come as a welcome development to users of this app. If you are still loyal to it and have not switched to Google Keep till yet then the smartwatch variant will let you take notes by voice commands and check off to-dos by double tapping. Grab the app from the Play Store to start your note taking.

8. Wear Store

If you do not wish to go to Google Play Store or head to different sites to look for suitable apps for your Android Wear, then Wear Store is for you. It lets you browse and download apps on the watch itself with easy to read and navigable menus optimized for the small screen. However, this app you would need to download from the Play Store itself.

9. Wear Aware

If you are the kind of person who keeps forgetting where they left their phones, then Wear Aware should be the first thing you download on your smartwatch. The app makes your watch buzz incessantly as soon as your phone and you get far apart. It also doubles as a phone locater, allowing users to locate their phones by saying “OK Google, start phone finder” and you will hear an alarm on your phone go off; don’t worry about it being silent.

10. Invaders

We decided to include another game to our Android wear app list and it is the Japanese hit, Invaders. The gameplay mechanics are pretty simple and straightforward, you have to tap on the screen to move your spaceship and fire on aliens before they reach the ground. Download Invaders for Android Wear and let it invade your wrist.

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