Fitbit Charge HR Vs Fitbit Surge: Two Sides Of Same Coin
Fitbit Charge HR Vs Fitbit Surge: Two Sides Of Same Coin

Fitbit Charge HR Vs Fitbit Surge: Two Sides Of Same Coin

We decided to compare the two most prominent fitness trackers from Fitbit to help you pick the one that suits your needs

One of the best activity trackers around, Fitbit wearable devices are top of the mind when we talk about wireless-enabled devices and fitness trackers. The company offers a wonderful range of high-end fitness trackers and its latest products are serious competition for devices that are in the running to find their place in your fitness regime and lifestyle.

The latest fitness tracker by the company, Fitbit Surge is a new addition to the line of exclusive fitness trackers; beautifully designed, the Fitbit Surge is sleek and bares an array of innovative features, which have taken over hearts of consumers. The device is being called of the best out there, so much so that other products by the company are facing a difficult time; the Fitbit Charge HR for instance is faced with some serious competition.

But which one of the two devices is better? Well, we hope that this review will help you decide and get the right device for yourself.

Fitbit Charge HR: An inside Look

Fitbit Charge is one of Fitbit's redesigned wearables and it has a considerable measure of upgraded elements to assist and enhance your fitness exercises. It is sturdy, yet smaller so you can barely see you have it on, also equipped with a heart rate monitor, it is designed to deliver more precise insights.

Measurements include: steps taken and nature of rest for a general picture of how solid you are. It is also waterproof to about 5 ATM, therefore, you continue to keep running in rain or shower without taking it off.

Main Features Of Charge HR Include

Continuous, around the clock heart rate monitoring from your wrist, so you don't need to wear irritating, awkward midsection straps. Following steps it likewise tracks height climbed and while also being able to record entire routines, allowing you to break down every part of your activity regimen.

The OLED screen displays call from your telephone, so you can stop stressing over missing a crucial call while you’re working out. It additionally indicates details from your day, including the number of calories burned, thus allowing users keep tabs on your development. A thin, lightweight band whose movement is synchronized with a user’s wrist, the Charge HR doesn’t weigh down on your wrist.

Incredible Pricing on Amazon – $100 not as much as Surge. Naturally adjusts with your cell phone or PC so you can audit your general day by day advance in more noteworthy subtle detail

The Fitbit Surge: An Inside Look

The SURGE is Fitbit's most current model, users are ecstatic by the latest Fitbit wearable; they can't quit talking about the improved components that make it feel like more of a smartwatch than a wellness tracker. With its GPS abilities and incorporated Caller ID capacities it has all that you need for comfortable fingertips. While it is bigger than most trackers, it extremely agreeable to wear; produced using adaptable, high-review materials, we assure you, its still quiet light.

The Surge tracks all your day to day activity and exercise, screens your heart rate while also recording and distinguishing readings between different exercises for a complete fitness review. It is also waterproof up to 5 ATM, again allowing you to get out in rain or shower without the slightest hesitation.

Among Key Features Are:

The In-built GPS tracker, allows you to keep track of split times and compare them, while it also allows users to track distance of the routes that have already been taken. Moreover, you can track pace and height with pin-point accuracy.

And all of that without having to carry your smartphone, thanks to the built in GPS. Multi-sport tracking gives you a chance to record individual details for cardio, broadly educating, running, and all the more, thus you can keep count of the calories you’ve torched, and how hardcore each workout is. LCD touch-screen presentation permits you to view text and call notifications; therefore, you are never withdrawn and can work out without stress. You can likewise control your music from your cell phone as well.

The most famous Fitbit – almost $100 Less than what the Apple Watch costs. Untainted Pulse heart rate monitor allows users to keep track of your heart rate, in turn you can calibrate your developments or moderate them down contingent upon how hard you’re working out.

The Fitbit Surge vs Charge HR Comparison: A Comparison

Let’s compare the two on a certain criteria and decide which one is worth the price:

Band: Charge HR is equipped with a thinner, rather streamlined band, which is lighter than the band on Surge. Made of an elastomer material, it flexes. And it is available in a variety of four colors; dark, plum, tangerine, and blue. Three sizes are available for the band, small, large, and extra-large.

To accommodate and support the LCD screen, Surge comes with a wider band, yet it is still quiet light and adaptable on account of an elastomer material ordinarily found in sports watches, therefore, it twists along with your wrist, ensuring that it never gets in the way. It likewise comes in three sizes: small, large, and extra-large and three shades: dark, blue ,and tangerine.

It’s a close call, but the winner here is Charge HR, given its smaller band and the variety of colors available color choices.

Display: Equipped with a backlight, LCD touch-screen on the Surge allows users to see unmistakably in any light, thanks to the backdrop illumination. You see calories torched or the number of steps taken, as well as see cell phone notifications or missed calls and messages.

Charge HR, then again has an OLED display that demonstrates day by day details and missed calls, yet cannot demonstrate messages. It does not have a backlight; therefore, it can be difficult to view the screen in the dark or in dim lighting.

The unmistakable victor here is the Surge, in case we want to go running when its pitch black, this one here has the upper hand.

Dimensions: The Charge is available in three sizes: Small (5.5 – 6.7 inches), Large (6.3 – 7.9 inches), and Extra-large (7.8 – 9.1 inches).

The Surge likewise has three sizes: small (5.5 – 6.5 inches), large (6.3 – 7.9 inches), and extra-large (7.6 – 9.1 inches).

In spite of the fact that they are truly comparable in size, Charge HR weighs less; at 30 grams whereas, the Surge weighs 32, giving the Charge HR the upper hand.

Water Resistance: In this classification they are both even, both can be worn in the shower or out in a horrible climate, however, the fitness device cannot withstand activities similar to swimming.

Battery Life: The lithium-polymer battery on the Surge can keep going for a week, straight, that too on a solitary charge; that is between 1-2 hours to charge completely. The Charge HR's lithium-polymer battery keeps going up to five days and charges in less than two hours. With two additional days of battery life the Surge is the unmistakable winner.

What Sets The Two Apart?

As should be obvious both of these trackers take care of business and share numerous similarities. Each one tracks day to day developments, calories blazed and screen heart rate, and keeps you going so you stay fit as a fiddle. They additionally permit you to synchronize with your cell phone or PC so you can audit details, break down, and compare your performance with others.

Perhaps the best thing about the product is the number of incredible Fitbit deals online. Be that as it may, the Surge has some key components that give you an improved deal you won't have with Charge HR.

LCD touchscreen is a massive advantage too, in light of the fact that it permits you to see regardless of the surrounding light and accomplish more. All the more reason to get moving on the grounds that regardless of where you will be you can stay connected, thanks to the notification updates on your wearable. This is grand for business people, or any individual who should be up close and personal. You can likewise control music without needing to stop and get your cell phone so you can control your music without interfering with stream.

The GPS capacity is another awesome component that gives you an all the more balanced workout experience. It verifies you know decisively what number of calories you blaze or how far you travel. It additionally gives you a chance to track your courses while running or trekking, allowing you to monitor the routes you’ve taken.

The Multi-Sport highlight is a major reward since unlike Charge HR, it states what stats go with what activities. Whether you’re running, climbing, biking or trekking, the Surge tracks each activity and releases activity stats to you, therefore, this tells you what territories need enhancing so you can tweak your workout.

The Surge & the Charge HR: Two Sides Of Same Coin

Elastomer Bands: Both gadgets comprise of an elastomer material which is adaptable, sturdy, and light, the gadgets will definitely feel great.

Heart-rate Checking: Both determine your heart rate and track your heart rate via a screen in the band, so you don't have to utilize midsection straps for precise readings.

Following: Both gadgets track steps, separation, rise and rest for a complete and precise delineation of your wellbeing on an everyday premise.

Water Safe: The Surge and Charge HR both gadgets are waterproof, users can wear them in any climate, you don’t even have to remove it in shower. Nonetheless, neither one can be submerged for an extended period, so no swimming.

PC/Smartphone: Each of these gadgets can be synchronized to your PC or cell phone so you can measure up details, acquire online identifications with their system and log in suppers, for an extensive health plan.

Pricing: Charge HR is at present selling at a price of $200 while the Surge is worth $249, so you’re paying extra for the additional components. However do not despair; you can get an amazing discount deal on Fitbit. So both an incredibly worthwhile.

Fitbit Charge HR vs Fitbit Surge: Which Is the Right One for You?

Both of the gadgets have some extraordinary elements, if you’re planning to get either one, it will be a decision you won’t regret. In any case, the Surge, with its GPS highlight, multi-sport following and upgraded Caller ID is the best for your cash. It guarantees more accuracy in readings and activity tracking. Both gadgets encourage you to get moving, it will get you back on track where you left off your fitness goals, and that is never an awful decision.

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