Facebook Inc Bans Another Social Network Site On Its Platform
Facebook Inc Bans Another Social Network Site On Its Platform

Facebook Inc Bans Another Social Network Site On Its Platform

Tsu.co, a revenue-sharing site is blocked on all Facebook apps, let’s have a look why the company did so

Facebook has banned its users from mentioning Tsu.co on its website as well on the apps, Mashable reports. TSU.co is competitor of Facebook, only difference is that it shares its revenue that it generates from content shared by users.

Type Tsu.co and try posting it on Facebook, Instagram or the Messenger and an error notification will appear on your screen, letting you know that you cannot mention this content in your post or message.

This site TSU.co, is a social network based on invite-only platform and rewards its users by sharing revenue with them, which the company makes from the social activity on its network. However, according to Facebook this site started generating too much of spam on Facebook, which is the reason the company chose to block the site. Moreover, the company believed that revenue-sharing incentive may lead thousands of users to flood Facebook with Tsu.co links, which is against the company’s policy. It was also reported that users of Tsu started to create fake accounts just to boost their own page.

Apparently Facebook’s motive behind this move is not to promote its own social network or to stop users from shifting to other networks, it just banned Tsu.co because users on Facebook reported Tsu’s link as spam. However, we believe that the company feels threatened by the competitor’s move of sharing revenues with users.

Facebook recently reported that it has 1.55 billion users active on average and all users post content while surfing through the network. The content they share is evidently for free as the company does not pay them anything. On the other hand, Tsu.Co shares a certain potion of its revenue which makes it have the potential to steal a significant chunk of users from Facebook.

Moreover, if we stick with the reason due to which Facebook banned this revenue-sharing site then Tsu.co is not the only site that works on this principle. In fact the site works on the same method upon which the whole Internet works. The only difference is that Tsu just keeps 10% of what it earns and shares the rest among its users, which major players in the market do not do, including Facebook itself. Lastly, the Tsu’s page on Facebook is still active and the company has stated that it will unblock Tsu if it stops users from posting content simultaneously on Tsu and Facebook.

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