BlackBerry Vienna Expected at MWC 2016
BlackBerry Vienna Expected at MWC 2016

BlackBerry Vienna Expected at MWC 2016

BlackBerry is now looking to introduce its second Android phone at MWC

Gone are the days when BlackBerry once used to be a people’s favorite smartphone. With intense competition from competitors such as Apple and Samsung, the brand just lost its identity. People are now more inclined toward phones with operating systems such as Android or iOS. BlackBerry has been looking to revamp itself and come up with new phones targeting a different audience.

The company took the stage by introducing its first-ever Android phone BlackBerry Priv in October last year. BlackBerry Priv got off to a strong start, but with the passage of time sales started to decrease. Nevertheless, BlackBerry did not lose hope in its Android debut, with rumors spreading that the company would be coming up with another Android device. CEO John Chen had already said it that 2016 will be a year of Android phones for BlackBerry.

This will be sad news for loyal BlackBerry users to see the end of BlackBerry 10 OS. With brighter things in sight, the company has to take some harsh decisions and it looks as if introducing phones powered by Android is in the best interest of BlackBerry. And possible the last resort of its survival as well.

With Mobile World Congress 2016 just around the corner, BlackBerry has a perfect platform to launch its second Android phone. Rumored to be named BlackBerry Vienna, the phone will be a mid-range smartphone, less than the price of BlackBerry Priv. Images of the BlackBerry Vienna first surfaced on Crackberry, which showed that the phone has a physical keyboard below the screen.

Like the Priv, BlackBerry Vienna is expected to have a display of 5-inch with a resolution expected to be around 1080p. Unlike the Priv, Vienna might not be powered by a Dual-core 1.8 GHZ processor and 3GB RAM, so don’t get your hopes high. Similarly, Vienna would not be have the 18MP camera, but it likely to have both front and rear camera with LED flash. Card slots are on the left hand side of the phone with the charging slot above them. The phone is expected to come out in four colors.

The MWC 2016 will see some of the biggest smartphone manufacturer launching their flagship products from its platform. Be it the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, or HTC One M10, BlackBerry needs to make sure that its Vienna stands out among the rest. BlackBerry could be the surprise factor in the Congress that can take everyone by storm. Looking at the current state of BlackBerry, it desperately needs to make headlines in the MWC.

Editing by Nida Mujahid; Graphics by Waqas Khan

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