Marsbot, Your New Food Guide
Marsbot, Your New Food Guide

Marsbot, Your New Food Guide

Based on your preferences, Marsbot will notify you about places where you can go to eat and drink

Previously, Foursquare only recommended places based on users’ locations and interests. Now, it has gone a step ahead with the launch of its Marsbot project. The new Marsbot app will provide all the recommendations about places to eat or drink based on users’ preferences.

For now, the new app is only available for iOS users living New York and San Francisco. Foursquare has already made clear that the Marsbot project is not like a chatbot that users may find in Facebook Messenger or Poncho. Unlike the chatbots, where users start a conversation to ask about specific queries, Marsbot will give suggestions on its own.

Marsbot can give answers before any question is asked. It determines your current location and where you usually go. It uses Foursquare’s data to make suggestions, pays attention to a person’s habits, and remembers the places they go. The new app focuses on places to eat and drink, but it needs to be seen whether new location intelligence tools will be added by the company or not.

Foursquare’s Product Manager Marissa Chacko wrote in the company’s official blog, “We think of Marsbot as that best friend who knows what you love, where you hang out— and also happens to know all the best places in your city. Like my bestie, Marsbot learns that I’m into pistachio gelato and I spend most of my time in The Mission.”

When you install the app for the first time, it asks for some preference about your eating habits. Labeled as a trusted friend that will accompany you, it acts as a proactive artificial intelligence (Al) rather than a reactive Al, like many others already available.

The company believes that project Marsbot is still under development with few changes expected in the next few months. The app will be available on other platforms as well in the future while Foursquare aims to improve the overall experience of using Marsbot.

Editing by Aiman Haroon; Graphics by Ahsan Haque

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