The Division: More Gear Sets on Their Way to E3
The Division: More Gear Sets on Their Way to E3

The Division: More Gear Sets on Their Way to E3

It seems like this year’s E3 will be huge for gamers and four new gear sets are said to be revealed at the mega event

As we all know, Ubisoft revealed its first expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division during its E3 press conference. The developers unveiled the expansion through a teaser trailer, which can be viewed below, but apart from some vague details, the trailer did not have much to reveal. However, all that has changed now as one YouTuber has got his hands on some pretty interesting news.

For the up-to-date Division players with all of the game’s recent news and are constantly seeking for more, would have come across Arekkz, the YouTuber is known for his videos regarding The Division and its leaks. Well, according to him, three of the four upcoming Gear Sets have been revealed and they are pretty interesting if we might add.

The three Gear Sets look completely different from the previous eight Gear Sets, as the talents they provide are pretty unique. Unlike the previous Gear Sets, which focus on specific gameplay styles, the upcoming Gear Sets bring an all new experience. So let’s get into the details.

The first of the three is titled B.L.I.N.D, which by the name is pretty obvious as to what it does. The set of two pieces equipped provides 100% Pulse critical hit damage. On three pieces equipped, players get 100% Blind/Deaf Resistance that means they will be immune to the sniper’s green light. And finally on four pieces equipped, the B.L.I.N.D system talent is enabled, which creates a flash bang effect around every NonPlayer Character (NPC) killed. This talent is perfect for holding the line and preventing NPCs from rushing towards the squad. Moreover, the flash bang effect is also great for getting out of sticky situations, as killing just one enemy will prevent other from attacking due to its dazed effect.

The second, titled FireCrest, is best for lighting NPCs on fire, as its talents and bonus are focused mainly on Incendiary Bullets. The set of two pieces equipped provides players to carry three Incendiary Bullets, which some suggests are too weak as a bonus but we'll talk about this later. On three pieces equipped, players get a 100% increase in the reload speed. On four pieces equipped, all bonuses come into play as it allows players to automatically get Incendiary Bullets for 10 seconds after killing a target.

Now let’s talk about the first bonus, due to the talent players can constantly stay under the Incendiary bullets effect. All they have to do is use it once, and start killing off NPCs. Since the talent gives players an additional 10 seconds, that’s enough time to kill off another enemy and hence, refresh the talent.

FrontLine, the third and the most interesting Gear Set, is something no Division player so far has seen in the game, as it is the only set that boosts a player’s ability. The set of two pieces equipped gives the player’s Ballistic Shield – a 300% increase in health. While on three pieces equipped, a further 100% increase in the Ballistic Shield’s damage resilience is granted. Now for the best bit, the set of four pieces equipped provides the talent which lets you use an SMG while the Ballistic Shield is deployed. This talent, single-handedly, turns the players into an actual tank. As not only can the players take a lot of damage but they can inflict a lot too. Hence, for someone who loves to take things alone, this gear set is perfect.

The fourth Gear Set is planned for the first expansion. However, apart from that, not much is known. We believe that the fourth gear set will probably be the one only sold inside the Dark Zone. Well, that’s it for now. We believe the developers are set to reveal more about the first expansion in the coming days as the E3 conference is currently ongoing. In the meantime, comment below and let us know what you think of all the three Gear Sets mentioned above. Is this what players have been looking for?

Editing by Aiman Haroon; Graphics by Rashid Rehman

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