Nier: Automata Gets New Details at E3 2016
Nier: Automata Gets New Details at E3 2016

Nier: Automata Gets New Details at E3 2016

Have a look at what Platinum Games has been cooking up recently

Thanks to E3 2016, we finally know what Platinum Games have been up to and it’s one hell of a surprise. The Japanese video gaming company displayed its upcoming title, Nier: Automata. Besides the announcement, it also released a new trailer that looks nothing less than amazing and gives us more insight on the world of Nier: Automata.

The story of Nier: Automata revolves around a group of man-made androids who are set to save the planet Earth from the alien invasion; it takes place several years after its prequel. These aliens come in the form of machines that are set out to destroy human life. In order to survive, humans escape to the moon, leaving androids behind to stop the invasion. The storyline focuses on the androids, of which we know only three so far. The game won’t only focus on the war, but also a lot of other things as well. The developers haven’t revealed much about it, trying not to give away the important elements of the story, which they want players to learn on their own.

Although it appears to be more of an action game, let’s us remind you that Platinum Games has promised tons of RPG elements as well; players will be buy items, upgrade weapons, and also clear side-missions. Weapons can be switched in-between battle, giving access to a wide range of attacks to choose from. You will also be accompanied with a pod that will help you out in a number of ways. The pod will have long range attacks such as shooting bullets at far away enemies and killing them before they even get close to you. They can also be used for gliding, if you wish to reach places you can’t get to.

There will be more than one type of Boss, each one requiring a new strategy to take them down. Some will have a shield to protect themselves from bullets, so they will have little-to-no effect on them; destroy the shield first in order to strike down the enemy. For opponents huge in size, you will need the ability to dodge in mid-air, and with a perfect move you might just land a special attack, doing considerable damage. The gameplay looked a lot like Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, since it was fast-paced and didn’t give time to take a breather. And let’s also not forget that Platinum Games is the same team behind Meta Gear Rising: Revengeance.

9S and 2B are the only two characters that we have seen so far. The latter is the girl we play as and 9S is the guy who accompanies her. Both of them are acquaintances, so let’s not think of them as being close to each other. 2B is a battle type android, whereas 9S is the standard type; users can control both and each will have their own set of attacks. They will have to be played with a different strategy as their gameplay differs in every aspect. If you are wondering why they have been blindfolded, then let us inform you that those blindfolds are basically goggles for them to see through. We don’t know much about them at the moment, but we hope to find out by playing it soon. Another android was also built that went by the name A2, but was only a prototype before 9S and 2B came into existence. She is the only one who doesn’t wear blindfolds. Why is that so, you ask? Even the developers didn’t tell us, as they want us to find that too, on our own.

A boss battle was also shown at E3, which looked quite amazing. We can’t say for certain, but the game might be running on 60 frames per second. The battle’s soundtrack mesmerized us and we expect the game’s final build to offer even more beautiful music.

Nier: still in development phase and is expected to be out in early 2017. Although most of the battle mechanics are complete, integrating cut-scenes within the game and adding more RPG elements are the only aspects left to be done. If you are as excited as we are about the game, let us know your thoughts below.

Editing by Hamza Khalil; Graphics by Muhammad Shoaib

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