Hajime Tabata Answers Final Fantasy XV Related Questions at E3 2016
Hajime Tabata Answers Final Fantasy XV Related Questions at E3 2016

Hajime Tabata Answers Final Fantasy XV Related Questions at E3 2016

A total of 15 questions were chosen at random and addressed to the director of Final Fantasy XV

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV, was asked a number of questions regarding the upcoming fantasy RPG. He managed to answer all of them without giving away any spoilers. All the questions were gathered from the social media forums of Square Enix, including Twitter and Facebook, and only 15 of them were chosen to be asked at E3 2016.

Below, we mention some of the prominent questions asked:

Is there an option to turn off the HUD to create a more immersive experience?

The Director gave a straight “Yes” without thinking too much about it. He mentioned this was done so that players could find it easy to take screenshots and share it with the world, without the HUD coming in-between them.

Will there be a camera mode, theater mode, or coliseum mode?

Tabata-san said there will definitely be a camera mode in the game, but no theater mode. Even though Prompto will be taking pictures of the journey the player has set, you can also take photos manually if you want to. The coliseum mode will be there as well, but you won’t be able to fight in it. This time you will be betting on monsters instead.

Will there be an option to adjust camera distance?

The director said that at present, there is no option to change the camera distance, but it may be added in the final build of the game, if developers feel it can be added without disturbing other features in the game. As of right now, the camera moves automatically, depending on the situation of the player.

Is Shinjuku an explorable town in the game?

Tabata-san told us that the town will not be explorable, and instead will be an area where battles might take place. So we would do best to think of it as an area where you can grab items and equipment.

How many hours of gameplay will there be? Aside from the main story, are there a lot of side quests?

He said, with a smile on his face, that a lot of questions had been coming in, regarding the main story content, as well as the side-missions. He mentioned that the main campaign will easily take more than 40 hours to complete, and the same can be said for the side-missions. And if you add them together, you are looking at a game which will easily last you more than 80 hours.

How many Astrals are in the game, and how are they related to the story? Also, do they serve as guardians of specific nations?

First of all, let us remind you that summons in Final Fantasy XV are called Astrals, and that acquiring some of them will be no easy feat. Tabata-san told us that the game will not be having a lot of Astrals, but they will surely be impactful nevertheless.

In order to gain some them, Noctis will have to fight them, whereas others can be collected by doing different things. And also, these Astrals won’t be related as guardians of any specific nations at all.

Are there any plans for DLC? I’m curious about additional story content and costumes?

Hajime Tabata said that DLC was the second most important thing people used to ask him about. He said that all the DLC plans have been finalized, and just need to be put into implementation. A lot of content is planned for the fans, and he wants to make sure they feel like they have made a great purchase by getting Final Fantasy XV in the future.

The PlayStation VR feature, where you get to play as Prompto, is one of the many DLCs they have planned to release. As of right now, the whole team of Final Fantasy XV is making the game their top priority before it releases, and then only will the focus shift to downloadable content.

Editing by Salman Ahmed; Graphics by Ahsan Mansoor

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