BitTorrent Rolls Out Its Music Streaming App
BitTorrent Rolls Out Its Music Streaming App

BitTorrent Rolls Out Its Music Streaming App

Its new music platform will be supported by iOS and Android devices as well as Apple TV

BitTorrent has made its way into the music streaming industry. It will now be available on your phones, tablets, and TVs as it announced the launch of its new app, BitTorrent Now. The app will provide on-demand streaming of music and videos. However, this streaming collection will consist mostly of independent artists, which you have never heard before.

The app for Android is now available to download, while the launch on iOS and Apple TV is expected in the near future. The content offered will be free and paid, the free one will be ad-supported. On-demand and VR content may also make their way in once the company rolls out its app on all the platforms.

Co-CEO, Jeremy Johnson, wrote in the company’s blog post, “We believe we can help solve some of the most troubling problems facing creators in the digital age. The Internet has the promise of a direct connection between creators and fans. The ability to facilitate a dialogue and a collaboration. Yet, in the digital age, art has increasingly become commoditized.”

In 2013, it introduced BitTorrent Bundles to give more control to artists over their work, how their work will be distributed, and how they will be paid. Through Bundles, the content of the artists were shared between the users directly rather than sharing their content on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube.

It has now built up its platform with the help of Bundles and has more than 30,000 artists who publish their work on it. With the introduction of apps for iOS and Android, the company expects that it will be able to attract more artists who can publish their work on BitTorrent. However, as it plans to go big, the company will have to compete with the likes of Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

While BitTorrent might not be too popular among a lot of people, it has given hope to local artists to publish their work over here. Its app will tell users about what is trending on social media and what content is popular on BitTorrent Now, so they can follow these artists accordingly. Just like other services, users can play and shuffle songs, create playlists, and sync their content as well.

Editing by Sidrah Riaz; Graphics by Ahsan Haque

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