Pokémon Go Cheats Can Get You Banned for Life
Pokémon Go Cheats Can Get You Banned for Life

Pokémon Go Cheats Can Get You Banned for Life

Stop while you still can spoofers and botters

Pokémon GO is Niantic's latest game and uses similar features as Ingress, but with a Pokémon theme. Players have to walk around to catch Pokémon and fight at Gyms. However, since one can only walk for so long players soon started to look for easier ways, but apparently it is all coming to an end now.

Players across the world started using GPS hacks and bots to get ahead in the game. These hacks allowed players to travel to any place/destination they wanted to go to, without having to leave their houses. This resulted in many to get to levels where one can only dream of reaching.

This caused a huge uproar, as players who were playing the game normally were not able to compete against these cheaters, and with the developers being completely quiet on the topic, the game’s popularity took a massive blow. It seems Niantic has finally realized that these cheaters need to be dealt with.

According to Niantic’s official website, anyone who is caught violating the game’s Terms of Service will be penalized for their actions i.e. could result in a permanent ban. If anyone is found using a bot, a location falsifier or even a third-party app that lets you track down critters — can be barred for life.

The developers have asked the Pokémon GO community to help out with the purge. They want players across the globe to track down cheaters. So if you think someone is cheating all you have to do is fill this form (images can be attached as well).

Editing by Fouad Ahmed; Graphics by Mansoor Shafqat

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