Netgear’s Orbi Will Provide Wi-Fi in Every Corner of Your House
Netgear’s Orbi Will Provide Wi-Fi in Every Corner of Your House

Netgear’s Orbi Will Provide Wi-Fi in Every Corner of Your House

The company’s latest router, Orbi, has a primary and a secondary router along with satellite support

Getting fast and strong internet connection in your house is not easy, as you often need more than one router to get stronger signals. But now, Netgear has come up with a solution for this problem. It is launching a multi-unit router named Orbi, which the company says is a complete Wi-Fi system as it has a router, a range extender and a satellite to ensure that it works without any flaws.

David Henry SVP Home Networking Devices for Netgear said: “Additionally, today’s home networks are now expected to support more devices all of which are competing for your bandwidth. So, the emphasis should not only be on WiFi coverage itself, but also the performance at the furthest edge of that connection. For example, imagine the ability to stream your latest video binge in HD from poolside or streaming music over WiFi to the basement.”

The Wi-Fi router will provide internet signals up to 4000 square feet with the company claiming that each and every corner of your house will receive strong internet connection from its router. Orbi has two units which consists of a main router that is connected with your modem while the second router should be placed somewhere in the center of your home, according to Netgear.

The secondary router should also be placed somewhere in the open and should not be placed in a corner, as it is responsible for boosting signals in your house. Netgear said it expects that the router will be able to deliver Wi-Fi signals out in the yard as well.

Orbi is bigger in size compared to some of the products by its competitors like Eero and Luma, who have small multi-unit routers. But Netgear says that the size is bigger because it offers better performance than its competitors. Moreover, Eero and Luma offer three-unit routers while Orbi is a two-unit router, another reason for its bigger size.

While some routers often slow down internet speed when more devices are connected to it, Orbi is different. The Satellite in Orbi helps provide high speed internet no matter how many devices are connected. On average, a single household has seven devices connected to the Wi-Fi such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart home devices like security cameras.

One thing that goes against Orbi is its price tag, but the company has given out reasons for the high price as well. The kit, including the satellite, will be sold for $400 from September with additional add-on router unit available for $249, which will provide an additional range of 2,000 square feet. Standalone Satellite will also be available for $249.

However the company says that majority of the people won’t need any additional units as houses in the United States are usually around 4,000 square feet in size. With competitors offering routers at $100, Mr. Henry said: “Today we can't sell a Wi-Fi router less than $99 because the products less than $99 are no better than what you have in your home.”

Editing by Omair Siddiqui; Graphics by Hussain Akber

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