Prisma to Add Offline Mode to Its Art Filter App
Prisma to Add Offline Mode to Its Art Filter App

Prisma to Add Offline Mode to Its Art Filter App

iOS users can enjoy the feature right away, however, Android users will need to wait for a week

Ever since its launch, Prisma has taken everyone by storm with its artistic filters. However, there is a downside to it; users need to be connected to the internet in order to access the app. Users spend a lot of time waiting as the servers are often overloaded. But now, Prisma has rolled out an offline version for its iOS app in order to solve this problem.

The updated iOS app will be rolled out soon, which would give users a chance to use Prisma filters on their photos in offline mode. All filters will not be available in the initial update. Only half of them will be accessible in the upcoming update while the rest will be introduced later.

Prisma has incorporated neural network technology in its app, which would considerably cut down processing time. The processing time on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus would be cut down to five seconds only, while the iPhone 6 might take a bit longer to repaint your photos. Previously, the processing took a lot of time when there was heavy traffic on the servers.

Prisma also hinted that it might introduce similar art in the videos department as well. With the addition of neural networks on iPhones, the company believes there will be free space on servers and they won’t be clogged all the time. This would help to free some space to run full length videos smoothly. Moreover, this could push the company to make inroads in the video filters department, a feature that is very uncommon. Prisma also claimed that it‘s the first company or a team to use neural network tech on smartphones.

The offline mode is expected to hit the Playstore sometime next week. The company also has monetization plans but has clarified that it will keep it free for the users and instead monetize through brand filters. Also, if Prisma rolls out its video features anytime soon, it will be able to generate revenues through video ads, a common practice that social networks and apps use to generate profits.

Till now, more than 52 million users have downloaded the app on Android and iOS, with four million daily active users. The addition of an offline mode is certainly going to increase Prisma’s user base.

Editing by Omair Siddiqui; Graphics by Omair Raza

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