YouTube Upgrades TV App; Still No Love for Apple TV
YouTube Upgrades TV App; Still No Love for Apple TV

YouTube Upgrades TV App; Still No Love for Apple TV

YouTube has updated its TV app for all TV platforms, excluding the Apple TV, across the US

After the increasing trend of streaming videos, Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) video engine, YouTube has just updated its TV app. Tech Crunch reports that the update provides users with a revamped layout and more organized video categories to navigate through on their TV screens.

After analyzing users’ browsing histories and their patterns of usage while using the YouTube app in their living rooms, the company reveals that some of these popular categories include news, sports, children’s’ videos and more. According to YouTube’s research, it appears that audiences between the ages of 18-49 in the US usually use their YouTube accounts on their TV sets, even though they have the option of opting for on-demand streaming through platforms such as Amazon Video, Netflix and HBO.

The new layout brings the former side menu to the top of users’ screens; some of these categories include “Trending,” “Recommended,” and “News.” There are additional categories for easily locating 4K videos and live streams as well, alongside sub-genres for videos. We believe that a simplified layout exclusively designed for YouTube’s TV app hopes to improve navigation and video searches; possibly helping the video engine to increase its user base.

Considering that mobile and desktop users have the advantage of specifically searching for videos of their choice, it is possible that the simplified structure of the TV app will bolster the trend of going through the channel’s recommended videos on TV sets as well.

Moreover, YouTube’s research reveals that most users visit the platform from their living rooms to access shorter videos rather than search for specific ones. However, it is possible that YouTube hopes to promote its library of original content to users more through the update.

For now, users in the US will be able to access the new TV app. However, the company clarifies that the feature will not be made available to Apple TV users for the time being since they are provided with their own YouTube apps with Siri integration.

While this may cause YouTube to gain a sufficient amount of viewers in the US, there are possibilities that in the subsequent future, the company may roll out with an alternate option for Apple TV users as well. The company has not confirmed plans regarding its global roll out for the update but there are high possibilities that pretty soon, the YouTube TV app will be made available to its loyal user base around the world.

Editing by Omair Siddiqui; Graphics by Ahsan Haque

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