Apple to Rival Snapchat, Facebook with High-Spec Social Video App
Apple to Rival Snapchat, Facebook with High-Spec Social Video App

Apple to Rival Snapchat, Facebook with High-Spec Social Video App

The company is busy developing a video-sharing app that could be Snapchat’s next big rival

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Following the rising trend and usage of social media apps, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has also decided to develop a video-sharing app. Sources connected to the tech giant claim that the company is seeking to launch an app that enables users to capture, edit, and upload videos within a minute on their iPhones or iPads. It is not clear, however, when the app will be released.

Bloomberg reveals that “iPhone engagement” increases for users who are actively using such apps, giving credence to the company’s claim that a video app of its own could help further boost iPhone usage. It is thought that apps like Facebook are commonly used among all age groups, with users spending almost 50 minutes of their day on them.

Apple seeks to capitalize on the big app industry, and is looking to bring a stand-alone app to its App Store in the future. The company has not disclosed if the upcoming app will be part of the iPhone’s camera set up in general, or will need to be downloaded independently. However, professionals from the video editing field have been hired to develop the app. If rumors are to be believed, the company has roped in the same team that worked on Final Cut Pro and iMovie, including Joe Will, a former president of a production company in New York.

Apple has said it will come up with an app laden with exciting features, but it may have to face enormous competition from Snapchat and Instagram whose user base is constantly growing. According to an estimate, Snapchat takes up almost 30 minutes of its 150 million users’ time every day. Recently, Instagram also rolled out its own version of “stories,” which seemed inspired by Snapchat’s “Snap-stories” concept. Since both the apps already provide users with filters and text options, Apple should consider coming up with something different for its social media app.

Apple is currently busy developing the app’s software, which has been designed specifically to be used with one hand. Users will be able to share their recorded videos with their friends’ lists, or forward them to the ‘contact’ part of their social media lists. This is seemingly the distinctive edge the company hopes to enjoy over others — a departure from Snapchat’s limitation of either saving files to users’ “memories” or having no options to forward their videos and photos to friends outside their Snapchat lists.

The company believes that building an exclusive video sharing app will help it reach out to an even larger market, while capturing the attention of a younger audience as well.

While there is no official word from the iPhone-maker about the app’s release date, the company is expected to roll out the app some time in 2017. If it does not, Apple users will be hugely disappointed for losing out on the video-sharing app that could have become the runner-up to Snapchat.

Editing by Shuaib Ahmed; Graphics by Omair Raza

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