Uber Announces Advance Booking Option to Londoners
Uber Announces Advance Booking Option to Londoners

Uber Announces Advance Booking Option to Londoners

The latest perk allows Londoners to book a ride one month in advance

Uber has introduced a new feature for its London customers. Now, they can opt to book a ride as much as a month in advance. This is a move away from letting users book rides only for on-the-spot transportation.

With its increased popularity, Uber has taken numerous measures in the hopes of ramping up its customer numbers by providing them new features. Not too long ago, the company rolled out its UberEATS service, which mainly focused on working with food agencies for delivery purposes.

For now, Uber has limited the advance booking option to business accounts and business profiles in London. According to Uber’s general manager for London, Tom Elvidge, “You can now tell us hours or days in advance when you need a car and we’ll do it for you.”

Fortune confirmed London as the first European city to receive this perk. The option to pre-book Uber rides will become accessible to non-business Uber users on Thursday 4pm local time. This raises the possibility that the company will soon expand the feature to other countries and cities.

With 2 million Uber customers located solely in London, we believe the concept of scheduled rides will work as a great promotional boost. Users simply need to download the Uber app on their smart phones, and fill in the details for booking through the “schedule a ride” option. The booking period ranges from minutes to a month in advance. If the feature proves to be a success, the company could possibly extend the booking time even further.

The move will provide further competition for existing taxi services in the city and could potentially play a part in putting them out of business for good. Mr. Elvidge stated the feature had been rolled out based on customer feedback, and Uber’s tech-savvy dynamics appear to have pleased customers, causing an increase in demand for innovative perks.

However, speculations suggest that the book-in-advance feature will most likely operate on surge-price policies. While users are allowed to cancel their pre-booked ride in case of surging prices, they are provided only 5 minutes to make sure their cost does not include additional charges. There are chances this may make customers reluctant to blindly book a ride one month in advance.

Editing by Shuaib Ahmed; Graphics by Ahsan Mansoor

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