Microsoft Taunts Apple’s MacBook Air in Catchy New ‘Surface Pro 4’ Ad
Microsoft Taunts Apple’s MacBook Air in Catchy New ‘Surface Pro 4’ Ad

Microsoft Taunts Apple’s MacBook Air in Catchy New ‘Surface Pro 4’ Ad

The ad tries to tempt users to choose the Surface Pro 4 2-in-1 tablet over the MacBook Air

Microsoft Corporation has once again taken potshots at rival Apple and its products. This time, the company is comparing its Surface Pro 4 tablet to the MacBook Air. Although, the Surface Pro 4 functions as a 2-in-1 computer, while the MacBook Air is effectively a very good laptop, Microsoft still chose to target the Apple computer in its rather catchy new ad.

As can be seen, Microsoft has chosen a musical tone in a bid to add a light touch to the ad. Unlike some rivalry ads, the Microsoft ad name-drops the Mac as a laptop, which “doesn’t have any of that” and calls it as useful as “a hat for your cat.” The ad flaunts the Surface Pro 4’s detachable keys and a pen that can be used to write on the screen.

Microsoft also draws attention to the fact that the MacBook Air, which is supposed to be light, is still heavier than the Surface Pro. The ad also highlights the Surface Pro’s touch screen and features such as the ability to doodle on it. All in all, the ad’s color scheme, music, and the overall tone, clearly shows that Microsoft is appealing to the more creative minded with its new Surface Pro 4.

Given that it is school season again, Microsoft might possibly be targeting a younger demographic audience with the ad. School-goers might find Surface Pro 4 more feasible in terms of flexibility than a Mac. Both devices start off with the 128GB models priced at $899; although the Surface Pro 4 features the Intel Core m3, while the MacBook Air features an Intel Core i5 processor. Also, the Surface Pro 4 has a bigger 12.3 inch screen, with touchscreen capabilities. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, only offers an 11-inch screen, albeit with very good graphics. Other than that, both devices offer 4GB of RAM and are mostly identical.

It might have been a bolder move, if Microsoft Corporation had aimed at Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup as it makes more sense for Pro to take on Pro. However, the Surface Pro variant has been pitted against an Apple computer as Apple’s Pro variants cost much more than the Surface Pro (and arguably offer better specs as well). Hence, Microsoft has perhaps played it safe, while releasing an amusing advertisement. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to Microsoft’s taunts.

Editing by Javeria Rahim; Graphics by Omair Raza

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