Philips Hue Motion Sensor Will Automatically Turn Lights On
Philips Hue Motion Sensor Will Automatically Turn Lights On

Philips Hue Motion Sensor Will Automatically Turn Lights On

The sensor will go on sale in October and will be available for $50

Philips Hue smart lights have already been making their way into households as they can be easily controlled by a smartphone app. Now, Philips has come up with a motion sensor that will automatically light-up your home. The new motion sensor will turn on the lights whenever anyone walks past it, eliminating the need of switching a light bulb on or off.

Until now, Hue lineup did not have any motion sensors. Users had to rely on third-party gadgets to get the same feature. Philips new motion sensor can be placed anywhere in the house. It runs on two AAA batteries and can work for 2–3 years, according to the company. The device, which will be released in October, carries a price tag of $40.

You can select the lights that you want to turn on whenever the motion sensor records any movement through the Philips app. Users can set a time limit as well so the lights are turned on even after everyone has left.

The motion sensor can also be set to turn on the lights only when it’s dark, which will save energy during daytime. However, the sensor has some limitations; it has a range of only 16.5 feet and cannot detect any motion beyond that. The range of the motion sensor can be changed but the motion sensitivity cannot be adjusted. Future iterations of the motion sensor might introduce motion sensitivity adjustment features.

The sensor will be helpful for those who have to walk out of their rooms at night to use the washroom or head to the kitchen floor for late night munching. Philips wants to make it easy for anyone to use its smart lighting system and believes that motion sensors will continue to enhance our environment and make our lives more convenient.

Apart from the motion sensor, Philips will also introduce two new light bulbs, BR30 and GU 10, which can be used in hallways or bathrooms. Moreover, the company has made changes to its White and Color Ambience A19 bulbs. The A19 will now produce rich color experience when it emits blue and green lights. The A19’s price has now been reduced by $10 to $50.

Editing by Omair Siddiqui; Graphics by Waqas Khan

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