Apple Aims to Refresh Mac Lineup, Introduce Standalone 5K LG Monitor
Apple Aims to Refresh Mac Lineup, Introduce Standalone 5K LG Monitor

Apple Aims to Refresh Mac Lineup, Introduce Standalone 5K LG Monitor

A Bloomberg report reveals that Apple wants to introduce a standalone 5K monitor in partnership with LG, while refreshing the MacBook Air lineup and the iPad Pro software

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Apple is working on a number of new devices related to the Mac personal computer lineup. According to sources cited by Bloomberg, the new products underway include new versions of the MacBook Air and the iMac, while Apple has partnered with LG to introduce a new 5K display monitor. The company is also working on a new iPad Pro software made specifically for professional users.

Apple might release updated Mac by October, as per Bloomberg’s sources. The new iMacs will provide better graphics chips courtesy of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. The new MacBook Air devices are set to sport multi-functional USB-C ports. The new MacBook Pro has already been hinted at, and it features a flatter keyboard with a unique digital function key display; the display will reportedly be called the “Dynamic Function Row.”

The reports reveal that the Row will always show the volume control and the option to show default functions, but other items on the Row will depend on the program open at the time. The Safari browser might feature search terms, while the iMovie video editor will feature video editing tools.

The new Sierra Mac operating system will support the aforementioned features. The OS will also see Siri debut on the Mac, feature better iCloud integration, new animations for iMessage, and will also support Apple Pay transactions on the Mac. Users with an Apple Watch will be able to auto-unlock their smartwatch, thanks to the new OS.

A new standalone monitor is on the way, and Apple’s collaboration with LG is to thank for that. Apple had a presence in the display space with its 27-inch Thunderbolt display, but it discarded that idea earlier this year. Instead, the company has now partnered with LG Electronics to devise a screen with 5K resolution, which features 700% the pixels found on a standard 1080p display. With most television sets sticking to 4K, Apple bucked the trend with a 5K iMac earlier on. Now, the company is set to have a standalone model, which will perhaps help the company compete with innovations such as Samsung’s new curved screen monitors for gamers.

Aside from these updates, the iPad Pro is also getting a new iOS which will bring iPad-exclusive features to the fore. Apple will reportedly improve upon the Apple Pencil stylus device by including annotation features across the board. The entire OS will allow users to annotate objects the way Samsung Galaxy Note users can. On the hardware side, the new iPad Pro will feature faster reaction time for display-related gestures such as scrolling and zooming.

The new iPad, however, will not be released this year. Users can look forward to a new 10.5 inch iPad, which might replace the 9.7-inch iPad currently offered by the tech giant.

Apple is gradually shifting focus to business and enterprise users to boost iPad sales. Given the price of the tablet, it does not make sense for casual users to spend the amount required to own one of the more high-end iPads. As a result, as Bloomberg pointed out, unit sales for the iPad have fallen for nine straight quarters year-over-year now. The novelty aspect of the iPad has been offset by a general lack of innovation amid competition from cheaper alternatives by Android manufacturers, Samsung Electronics and Microsoft Corporation. The Samsung Note and Surface Pro have made considerable improvements as of late.

All in all, the reports appear to be reliable, although confirmation of the specs will be received at Apple’s September 7 San Francisco event. In what might not be a coincidence, the iPhone 7 is also expected to be unveiled on the 7th. As a result, other products might take the back seat, but Apple’s customary updates ensure that its other products will also get to share the limelight.

Editing by Sofia Riaz; Graphics by Waqas Khan

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