Instagram Launches Zoom on iOS, But Users Have to Hold The Screen
Instagram Launches Zoom on iOS, But Users Have to Hold The Screen

Instagram Launches Zoom on iOS, But Users Have to Hold The Screen

Instagram finally supports the zoom function, but it is only on the iOS for now, and there is a catch

Instagram posted a Tweet showing its new Zoom feature in action. As the company pointed out, the feature is currently only being rolled out for the iOS version of the Instagram app. iOS users can use the pinching gesture on their iPhones to enlarge any picture temporarily before it snaps back to its original frame.

As can be seen from the Instagram post embedded above, the video shows how the zoom functions can be useful in certain scenarios. In the aforementioned example, a puppy dog is hidden in a sea of similar toys. Users can pinch in on the area where the actual animal is, and hold the pinching gesture on the screen for as long as they want to continue viewing the video. Once the users let go, the video snaps back to its original resolution.

The zoom function is not entirely perfect, and given Instagram’s 1080px limit, ultra HD resolution photos and videos are not supported. As a result, zooming too far can result in the picture breaking down and becoming unintelligible.

The zoom function’s initial rollout is also reminiscent of Snapchat’s Stories, whereby users had to keep holding the screen to view content. Instagram might have been better off improving convenience by allowing users to zoom in without having to keep holding the screen.

It is interesting to note that the feature leaves users susceptible to accidentally liking a video or photo without meaning to. As Instagram users might be aware of, double-tapping content on Instagram initiates the like feature on the service. Interestingly enough, Facebook allows users to zoom in on photos when one double-taps on content using the Facebook app. However, Facebook does not currently support a zoom option for videos, which might be one area where Instagram has the upper hand.

The update appears to be useful, but still leaves room for some improvement. Instagram said that the feature will be rolled out on Android “in the coming weeks”, so users running Google’s operating system will have to wait for the zoom function.

Editing by Sidrah Riaz; Graphics by Waqas Khan

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