Pokemon Go: Poke Ball That Actually Works
Pokemon Go: Poke Ball That Actually Works

Pokemon Go: Poke Ball That Actually Works

Niantic and GameReality LLC will join forces or compete

There is something quite alluring about one particular location-based game which has completely realize the mobile platform, making use of its design and one of the very first games to apply augmented reality as a core function of their game. Pokemon Go reinvented the idea of getting out and walking considerable distance; making it greatly enjoyable.

Despite GPS-based mobile games that were released prior to Pokemon Go, it has had very little competition in taking over the domain. Illustrating a clear picture which shows that if put together thoughtfully, a location based game could not only disrupt the existing market but also change mobile gaming for good.

Bugs and Outdoors

And here’s what is interesting! It would not be wrong to say that Pokemon always intended to be this way from the time of its inception. Following the trail of this legacy back to rural Machida, a suburb in Tokoyo, it leads us toward the tale of Satoshi Tajiri (Co-Founder of Pokemon) chasing after bugs in dirt and grass alike, examining their behavior and diversity. An intrepid young boy exploring the mysteries of bugs wanted to recreate the same experience for children of present time.

“Places to catch insects are rare because of urbanization. Kids play inside their homes now, and a lot [have] forgotten about catching insects. When I was making games, something clicked and I decided to make a game with that concept.”

- Shatoshi Tajiri spoke to Times 1999

The Poke Ball

GamerReality LLC has gone knocking on Niantic’s doors with a nifty product that could potentially pair with or replace Pokemon Go Plus. They have developed what they call a Kinetic Poke Ball Controller that uses Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and the phone’s camera to recognize if you throw it and can also make use of a gesture. So, you’re not forced to throw it. Furthermore, it acts as a power bank that can charge your phone upto 3 times.

Niantic plans to sell their own accessory: Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable aims to provide notifications when a Pokestop, Pokemon or Gym is around. If Niantic and GamerReality LLC join forces and decide to combine their products, it would directly address complaints regarding high battery consumption and not only improve but add more dynamics to the catching Pokemon overall.

GamerReality LLC has gained success with their campaign on Kickstarter. They have 670 backers and supersede their initial pledge of $25,000 at $36,536 with 26 day to go! However, the controller is priced at $55 which is higher than Niantic’s Pokemon Go Plus, priced at $35.

Now, saying this deal won’t happen is far fetched . To clarify, Amazon Echo and LG’s Smart ThinQ Hub are working together even though their products are hugely similar. But the fate of this technology being part of Pokemon Go rests in the hands of a competitor that may bring it to fruition or lay it to rest entirely. Niantic has not given a release date for Pokemon Go Plus and there is no news on the controller either.

GamerReality LLC plans to develop AR based games using their technology if Niantic says no to the proposal and we might have competition for Pokemon Go.

Editing by Sidrah Riaz; Graphics by Ahsan Haque

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