Mafia 3 to be Supported by Three “Major” Expansions and Tons of Free Stuff
Mafia 3 to be Supported by Three “Major” Expansions and Tons of Free Stuff

Mafia 3 to be Supported by Three “Major” Expansions and Tons of Free Stuff

Mafia 3 is gifting fans with some exciting free DLC and for those willing to spend, there will be three “major” expansion packs!

Mafia 3 is releasing next month and the hype train has already begun. It will be the first in the series to release on both, PS4 and Xbox One. If you plan to get the title, you can gift yourself some exciting post-release free content. There will be “free, recurring content that gets delivered to everyone who buys the game. If you love your time in New Bordeaux and don’t want to leave – we’re also working on unique story expansions coming to Mafia III,” as reported on the official website.

Basically you get the content anytime you buy the game, “whether it’s through pre-orders, day one purchase or those who wait – we’re delivering free new features and content after the game launches.” The blog post goes into details of the different content you can get at zero cost, at any time you want. You can get free outfits for Lincoln and they can be customized as per your desire. A month or so after the game’s release, all owners of the title will get the golden weapons pack known as “Judge, Jury and Executioner.”

While the game may not take place in present day, that doesn’t mean we can go without tricking our rides. You can pimp your ride “with new wheels, personalized license plates, and paint jobs” and fine-tune the performance so you get the style and substance set. Once it’s all done, you can take your ride out and test the upgrades against other pimped-out rides. This is the way to earn your keep, and even get more car customization options.

There is more free stuff promised by 2K Games but at the same time you will be able to extend your gameplay experience with paid content such as new stories. There are three major expansions that are being worked on such as “Faster, Baby!”, “Sign of the Times,” and “Stones Unturned.” For more information, read here. Each expansion will give you races, outfits, rides, and weapons based on the theme of each.

Mafia 3 looks to be awesome and even more appealing with all the free DLC and the best part is you can get it any time you want! Mafia 3 releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 7, 2016.

Editing by Hamza Khalil; Graphics by Waqas Khan

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