Ubisoft’s The Crew is Now Free — Download Now
Ubisoft’s The Crew is Now Free — Download Now

Ubisoft’s The Crew is Now Free — Download Now

Ubisoft’s 30-year celebration continues with a free PC giveaway of The Crew. It is also looking to be a good year for earnings

Remember Ubisoft’s The Crew the famed open-world online racer that crashed and burned after release on December 2014. It’s been almost two years and Ubisoft is giving the title away for free on PC for a limited time. The Crew seemed promising but failed to catch much attention with racing fans upon release. The Metacritic score for the game is 71 which we consider fairly average. User score is 6.4 which means gamers liked it even less than critics. The expansion Wild Run focused more on offroad racing and garnered a 7.2 user score and 74 Metacritic score. The original and expansion aren’t the best racers to play on current-gen consoles and PC. Wild Run reminded us of the PS3 exclusive Motorstorm that used to be bundled with first-gen Phat PS3 80GB consoles.

The free give away for September is part of the UBI30 celebration — 30 years of Ubisoft. Despite Ubisoft stating on its website: “The Crew is an important step for Ubisoft as it is the first fully connected open-world we ever created,” it didn’t deliver as it should have. It had the feel of a MMO racer and we feel that Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed did a much better job at delivering a “fully connected open world.” As far as downloading The Crew on PC goes we suggest you don’t even think twice. The Crew may be able to redeem itself for free but with the game off most gamers’ minds it won’t make much of a difference except for giving you a few hours of open-world cross country racing. It’s Need for Speed: The Run on steroids but the effect doesn’t last that long.

This year Ubisoft also saw the release of top triple-A titles such as Far Cry Primal and the bestselling Tom Clancy’s The Division (the MMO shooter everybody has fallen in love with this year). Upcoming titles such as Watch Dogs 2, For Honor and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands are expected to bring in more revenue for the French video gaming giant.

Editing by Fouad Ahmed; Graphics by Omair Raza

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