• HTC 10: May The Odds Be In HTC’s Favor

    April 12, a day HTC Corporation has locked to unveil its latest, most-hyped flagship smartphone of 2016 – the HTC 10. The company has been going through turbulent times, and the ride after the One M9 has been pretty downhill. The company has drastically lost smartphone market share and some were even worried if HTC would even exist after couple of years down the road.

  • TouchOne Keyboard for Wear: An In-Depth Review

    TouchOne keyboards’ two main features—intuitive learning and hexadecimal layout—make typing faster and more convenient for Android Wear users, who can’t use Google Voice. The app is compatible with numerous devices, and supports special characters along with Android’s emojis.

  • HTC 10: The #Powerof10 Has Capacitive Keys

    HTC 10 launch date is getting nearer; the Taiwanese company plans to announce the phone during an online-only launch event on April 12. HTC has been working on releasing teaser shots on Twitter to generate hype about the upcoming smartphone.

  • HTC 10: The #Powerof10 Leaked Variants Are Now Online

    HTC Corporation is two weeks away from unveiling its latest flagship, HTC 10. Chances are that the smartphone will be announced before the expected date. This year’s announcement is crucial because HTC promised to not fall short of expectations that the world has from it.

  • Huawei P9: Here is What We Know About the #OO Story

    HTC Corporation chose April 12 to unveil its flagship smartphone, HTC 10. However, Huawei decided to go a week earlier and booked April 6 to reveal its flagship smartphone, the P9. The Chinese company has opted for a physical product launch in London, unlike HTC, who will launch the product online only.

  • HTC Corporation: The #Powerof10 to be Unleashed on April 12

    The #powerof10 seems to be growing as HTC Corporation is finally gearing up to reveal its flagship smartphone, dubbed as the HTC 10, for 2016. The moniker isn’t an official one, but is rumored to be the original name.

  • Apple’s New iPhone SE is a Brilliant Business Gimmick

    Apple held its much-awaited event in Cupertino yesterday. In case you missed it, the company made some announcements that you should catch up on. As rumored, Apple went ahead and introduced a 4-inch iPhone SE and a smaller iPad Pro. Take out your iPhone 5S (if you still sport one) imagine it all powerful, in rose gold color, and there you have it: the iPhone SE.

  • HTC 10: #Powerof10 to Come With Super LCD 5 Display and 3,000mAh Battery

    Last week, we covered in detail everything we know about the upcoming smartphone from HTC Corporation dubbed as the #powerof10. The Taiwanese company has been teasing and generating hype about the new device in hopes that it truly becomes a strong Galaxy S7 and LG G5 challenger.

  • Xiaomi Mi 5: The Affordable Galaxy S7 We All Want But Can’t Have

    The word Xiaomi seems to be a bastion of top quality when it comes to the Chinese products. This can also be said for smartphones, where general opinion remains that getting cheap devices means sacrificing on quality. Well that is not the case entirely, at least for Xiaomi, which has managed to establish itself as a Chinese powerhouse in the world of smartphones. The latest offering from the company, Xiaomi Mi 5 is testament to the fact.

  • Will Microsoft Ever build the Surface Phone?

    The air seems to be rife with rumors and speculations regarding a Surface Phone in the works at Microsoft Corporation. The media feeds on these rumors, however, as far-fetched as they might sound. We believe that his time around, Microsoft should be blamed for the speculation-frenzy, and dropping hints now and then about a new phone in the works.