Have you ever wondered how epic it would be to simulate a massive battle between your favorite movie or video game characters?

The folks at Steam have the answer with their Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. There’s no limit to the extent of creating massive battles with this simulator.

You can have a company of WW2 U.S soldiers clash with 11,000 Medieval soldiers. Perhaps you want to see how waves of post-apocalyptic zombies would fare against WW2 US Marines. How about 10,000 chickens go in war against an army of Romans? The only limit is your imagination.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Chicken Vs. Roman Soldiers

In a YouTube video uploaded on Dec 5, SergiuHellDragooonHQ had 3,000 T-Rex go head to head against 20,000 Jedi. The battle was interesting to watch, and entertaining as well. Surprisingly, the 20,000 Jedi worriers lost the battle.

The battle simulator shows the action sequences from multiple perspectives. For example, you get to see the fight from the Jedi angle as well as from the dinosaurs’. Additionally, you get the bird’s eye view as the scene zooms in and out.

To have over 20,000 characters battle against 3,000 other characters means there are massive complexities and enormous processing and graphics capabilities. The Unity engine does a decent job, but it still has a lot to improve on.

The Jedi Vs. T-Rex battle simulator video lacks the fluidity with the action sequence at times. Steam needs to work on the graphics part. Perhaps Artificial Intelligence can add magic in this battle simulator.

Only time will tell if Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator will one day be something like a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.


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