AMD Ryzen Threadripper
AMD Ryzen Threadripper

AMD introduced its Ryzen line of x64 bits CPU, and the brand made a quick name for itself, standing atop the long-time market leaders, Intel.

Ryzen 3000 is AMD’s most anticipated processor series. AMD’s upcoming chips are releasing by mid-2019. You can check, for example, the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 as it drops price during AMD’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

However, the upcoming high-end Threaddiper processors are out of AMD’s roadmap. Advanced Micro Devices previously announced the Threaddipper 3000 on the company’s Q1 earnings report. But now AMD only lists the Ryzen 3000 with a “mid-year” release date.

AMD's 2019 Q1 earnings presentation
AMD’s 2019 Q1 earnings presentation. Source: Torm’s Hardware.

AMD’s lineup has changed

The news is pointing to some sort of inconvenience with the Ryzen lineup. Furthermore, the AMD4 motherboard series will make their debut at Computex 2019 (mid-year), while AMD has also previewed the 8-core Ryzen 3000 processor.

The Threadripper is a 3rd-gen is an upgrade of the 32-core/64-thread 2018 Threaddriper. The newer version will supposedly work with some kind of data center processors.

The Threaddriper’s delay could be due to a lack of dies and motherboards able to sustain the processor’s excessive power. As the Threaddiper is for consumer desktop, as well as servers, the pieces for the unit have to be small enough to fit a PC build. Also, these pieces have to pack the power the 7nm Threaddiper needs.
Let’s review AMD’s top processor series:
  • The consumer desktop and laptop Ryzen, going from 2 to 8 cores;
  • The high-end Threaddriper for heavy PC gaming and workstations, with 32 cores and 64 threads;
  • The server platform-oriented Epy Rome, a series featuring 64 cores and 124 threads;

These three series are using 7nm compute chips, which means they are competing for the same pieces. More so, the 7nm microarchitecture node is new, and, as such, there are still a lot of defective dies and failed manufacturing processes.

Rome, as the biggest CPU, is getting the heaviest pieces, while the Ryzen series is getting the sub-par chips.

As for motherboards, AMD hasn’t got a motherboard update since 2017’s X399. AMD definitely wants to update that particular piece for the Threadripper 3000, which would facilitate more storage and enhance power efficiency, among other things.

Currently, AMD is working on the 500 motherboard series, but there’s no recent news about it. Meanwhile, you can check our guide of the best Ryzen motherboards in the market.

Reviewing the 2nd-gen AMD Threaddriper

AMD Ryzen Threaddriper
AMD Ryzen Threaddriper. Source: Amazon.

Threaddiprer processors released on April 2018. The series delivers high-end gaming performance on desktops…for a price. Which is why AMD also released an entry-level Threaddipe, the 1900X, with a price tag of $549.

The top-of-the-line AMD Threaddriper 2950X has a cost of around $850. There’s an even higher one (although the numbering is confusing): the $1000 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X.


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