Have you seen Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? It’s a groundbreaking interactive episode under the Black Mirror Umbrella that forces viewers to make desitions that alter the course of the show.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you have probably already seen it or heard of it. So, let’s go right into it: one of the fictional games featured in Bandersnatch is available for PC. However, you would need a spectrum emulator to play it.

We’re talking about “Noise Dive”, the arcade game presented by Colin Ritman when Stephan first enters Tuckersoft.

Say, even if you have your PS4 and are excited about the PS5 release, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some free classics.

Nohzdyve is available for PC. Source: Vandal.

What is Bandersnatch about?

The episode follows Stephen, a young programmer that’s so obsessed with the choices he’s made on the past that he tries to build a game based on narrative pathways. For each choice he’s presented, both in his life and in the game, there are two opposed pathways.

You, as the viewer, assume the role of the main character’s goal as you choose between two different pathways during each inflection point. The goal is to complete the game while also saving your father from Stephen’s psychological breakdown.

Fictional studio Tuckersoft supports the choose-your-adventure game. On the real world, outside of Netflix, the studio has its own real website. The site includes a brief history of the page and summary of their games. Some of the games are MtlHedd and Pig in a Poke, both references to other Black Mirror episodes.

How to play Nohzdyve?

The one you can play, “Nose Dive”, is a free-falling game where you must avoid hazards while collecting eyeballs.

The website tells the games was “abruptly canceled” and thus the world may never know the wonders of such a game. However, there’s also a tease of an early version of the game out there, somewhere.

And sure enough, you can simply click here and get your free copy of the game.

Nose Dive copes in a .tap file, which means you would need a ZX Spectrum emulator to open it.

The ZX Spectrum was an 8-bit personal computer that was available in the United Kingdom back in 1982. The company Sinclair Research, was the creator of the device.

Sure enough, we have the emulator for you as well: Fuse.

You must be addicted to increasing your score

“You’re falling fast through the sky!” says the website. It will prompt you to be perfect, which is what a 5-star game by Colin Ritman deserves.

However, a Bandersnatch game is not available nor will it ever be. Unless you consider the episode as the actual game.

Other classical ZX Spectrum games you can play

If you’re planning on downloading a ZX Spectrum, it would be a shame if you used it only for one game.

That is why we’re giving you a few recommendations.

Here’s our top ten, without any real order: Elite, R-Type, Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner, Knight Lore, Back To Skool, Football Manager, Lunar Jetman, Horace Goes Skiing, and Boulder Dash.

So, are you ready for some 80’s nostalgia?


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