Antec Inc. an established brand in the business of providing high-performance gaming computer components and other accessories have introduced the latest addition to their illustrious Performance One Case series – the Performance 101 Silent. The new case promises to hush the sound coming from your PC, plus better performance.

Looking at the case, there isn’t really much noticeable difference between this release and previous versions from Antec. But this build comes with side panel made with sound muffling materials to give your PC tranquility.

As the name implies, the Performance One series is lauded for the impressive performance it offers. Added to the build quality and silence, the P101 is designed for high-end configuration. The case comes pre-installed with four low-noise fans with 3x 120mm fans or 2x140mm fans in front. On the rear, there’s another 120 or 140mm fan. If you like to customize, you’re allowed to take out the rear fan and replace it with a liquid radiator of 360mm in front and 140mm at the back.

Antec Performance Series P101 Silent Mid-Tower PC Computer Case

On the front bezel, there are two white LED lit USB 3.0 slots, two white LED lit USB 2.0 slots. There is a reset button and a 3-speed fan controller.

This is a mid-tower ATX case with a frame that measures 527mm x 232mm x 506mm. With those sound-dampening materials around the side, top and front panels, this case stands true to its name of ‘Silent’.

The case offers more than just quietness. You get a lot of room for storage with enough space to fit 10 drives by way of 2.5-inch SSD bays; these are tucked behind the motherboard tray. It has eight drive cages that support both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. You also get a 5.25-inch drive bay if you’ve got an optical drive.

This case does not have a sliding window as you get from most airflow PC Cases, but it comes with dust filters on the front so even if you cannot get a clear peak inside you shouldn’t worry much about your case getting clogged with dust.

From what is being advertised, the Performance 101 Silent is one stylish mid-tower case with lavish exterior design and impressive internal configuration. What you get is a case that offers you great performance and keeps all the noise from your high-end PC at a minimum.

You’re in luck! The Performance 101 Silent case is already available on Amazon. The case already has good reviews from a handful of customers too.


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