Asus has launched a new line of pink gaming accessories. Called the ‘ROG PNK LTD’ these accessories include 4 items, the ROG Sheath desk mat, the Strix Flare keyboard, the Strix Fusion 300 headset and the ROG Gladius II Origin mouse. These items aren’t completely pink, but rather a mix of pink and gray.

It isn’t clear who these accessories are targeted to. Perhaps female gamers? Or maybe just gamers in general who love pink? Are there any? Republic of Gamers wrote a blog post justifying this new line of pink gaming accessories. They started off by acknowledging their usual consistent aesthetic that involve the colors red, black and gray. Then they go on to explain the new color:

“…Still, we’re aware that not all champions have the same taste, and lots of people want something unique that sets them apart from the crowd, so we’re experimenting with a new limited edition color for some of your favorite ROG peripherals.”

We will admit the designs do look aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the accessories also come with a built-in RBG lighting. All items are available in Asus’ official store for a limited time.


Here’s the price list for the four products in the limited edition range of pink ROG accessories:

  • ROG Sheath desk mat – $39
  • Strix Flare keyboard – $179
  • Strix Fusion 300 headset – $99
  • ROG Gladius II Origin mouse – $99


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