Best 4K TV for Gaming

Are you new to 4K gaming? Or wondering if it’s worth all the fuss? The truth is, 4K is here to stay and yes, it’s worth everything. The exquisite resolution you get from a 4K TV cannot be compared with any other, except you’re gunning for something higher like 8K.

Moreover, 4K gaming has gained a foothold since the announcement of the Sony PS4 Pro which requires enhanced high definition resolution. It’s become clear that most high-end games can only be truly enjoyed on these TV.

If you’ve never tried it, you can rest assured that the experience will blow your mind when you do. Ask anyone who has.

In order to help you make the wisest choice, we reviewed the best 4K TVs for gaming.

Best 4K TV for Gaming

ModelScreen SizeResolutionConnectivityPrice
65-inch4KBluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, EthernetCheck Price
Samsung UN55NU8000
55-Inch4K Ultra HDBluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USBCheck Price
Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch4K Ultra HDWi-Fi, HDMI, USBCheck Price
Samsung Q8FNB 65-Inch4K Ultra HDWi-Fi, HDMI, USBCheck Price
TCL R617
55-inch4K UHDWi-Fi, HDMICheck Price
LG OLED77C8PUA 77-inch4K Ultra HDWi-Fi, HDMICheck Price
Vizio D50u-D1
50-Inch4K Ultra HDWi-Fi, HDMICheck Price

LG OLED65E8P – Best 4K TV

LG OLED65E8P – Best 4K TV for Gaming

The LG OLED65E8P is also known as the LG E8 OLED given it’s the stallion of LG’s E8 series. We’ll be calling it the E8 in this review.

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art gaming TV, the E8 has got your back.

From the smart features, superb design and the sound, everything smells of quality with this TV. The LG E8 can best be described as gorgeous. And yes we found it perfect for 4K game. The refresh rate of the E8 is instantaneous compared to others in the series.

The screen of the E8 stands at a massive 65-inch. The color gamut is pretty wide and it does display fine picture quality. It has an embedded soundbar which is welcome for gamers. Also, the screen is placed on a thick piece of glass which gives the impression the TV is floating.

For input, the E8 has four v2.0 HDMI ports, three USB 2.0 ports, and optical audio out. It also comes with built-in WiFi.

About the smart features, The E8 features LG’s ThinQ AI which means you can enjoy voice control. And the voice control works efficiently. Although you won’t be able to change your TV settings with voice.

The E8, which runs on the much talked about Alpha 9 processor. It has a low input lag of about 25ms – which makes it excellent for high definition gaming.


  • Astonishing design
  • Excellent for gaming
  • Amazing picture quality

  • Even with sound bar, we weren’t overjoyed with the sound quality
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

  • You want a gaming TV that doesn’t lag or give you any hassle. That’s what the LG E8 offers you. But you’ll have to part with top dollar to get it.
  • When you place this TV in your living room, or wherever, it just makes the room come alive. That’s the effect of the picture quality. No one has anything against that.
  • The smart features of this TV are just too numerous to mention. You can basically talk to your TV and enjoy a smashing experience.
  • The sound from the E8 has bass, but given that it comes with the sound bar we were expecting a little more.

Samsung NU8000: Best 55-inch

Samsung NU8000: Best 55-inch 4K TV

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a high-end TV for gaming. Actually, when compared to other monster TVs we reviewed, the Samsung NU8000 falls short in some areas. But it’s still the best overall 4K TV because it comes good on major fronts such as price, performance and design.

The design of the NU8000 is the major highlight of this unit. Even purists who weren’t impressed with everything about this TV still lauded the design. The TV doesn’t have a plastic frame around it which makes it one of the thinnest and sleekest high-end TV today. To help you hide wires, the TV has a T-shaped stand which also provides support for the TV. The design is complemented with a nice aluminium finish.

On this TV, there are two USB ports, four HDMI ports, one Ethernet port and an optical audio input. It has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. The remote connects to the TV via Bluetooth meaning you don’t necessarily have to point your remote to the TV to control it.

If you setup the Samsung SmartThings app on this TV, you will enjoy more features like voice control and numerous free channels.

For gaming, the NU8000 doesn’t have a high input lag so it can handle any HD game without issue.


  • A bright, colorful display
  • Affordable for a 4K TV
  • Lots of interesting features like voice control, smart browsing etc.

  • The Bixby didn’t satisfy our high expectations
  • Has motion issues
  • Can’t connect with analogue video

Bottom Line

  • The screen size, color gamut, and resolution of the Samsung NU800 are simply exceptional. The beauty and quality of this TV will make your visitors jealous.
  • The design of this television doesn’t leave much to chance either. With the ‘T’ stand, you won’t have to worry about cable management; unless you decide to mount it on a wall.
  • The sound quality of this unit also scores it a massive point. You need to hear the booming sound this TV emits while minimizing background noise.
  • If you’re in the market for a 4K Gaming TV, this shouldn’t be beyond you.
  • However, there are motion issues with this TV. Plus it doesn’t have any analogue video connection

Sony XBR65X900F – Best 65-Inch

Sony XBR65X900F – Best 65-Inch 4K TV for gaming
Is there any better 65-inch 4K gaming TV than the Sony X900F? We really don’t think so. What Sony has done with this TV is to deliver a product that meets the demand for both display and performance. Anyway, long before Samsung and LG cut their teeth in the TV market, we’ve always known Sony to come up with the best TVs. Let’s cut to the chase about the specs and features.

The X900F is an Ultra HD TV that comes in a shiny black panel. The body isn’t all that brilliant so it won’t score high marks for design. But the display will give any buyer plenty to cheer.

Like others before it, this TV has four HDMI ports, three USB ports, an Ethernet Jack and an RS-232 port majorly for custom control systems. The X900F features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It uses an Android TV control system.

This TV is smart in every sense. You get a remote that is connects to your TV via Bluetooth and allows for voice control.

You get all the ports you need, like HDMI x4, USB x3,  Ethernet, AV and optical audio out.

This unit also scores low on input lag and opens the door to endless possibilities with 4K gaming.


  • Exquisite display capabilities
  • Superb HDR performance
  • Perfect for gaming

  • The design could be better.
  • The sound could be way better
  • Cable management isn’t great with this unit
  • Expensive but worth it

Bottom Line

  • Sony doesn’t try too hard on the design of this TV; they simply channeled all that resources to where it mattered like display quality and performance.
  • With an expanded color gamut and clean motion resolution, especially when gaming, this is definitely one of the best 4K TV in the market right now.
  • However, the sound of this TV doesn’t give us what we hoped for. But since the X900F uses Bluetooth, you can connect it to your gaming headset and have a good time.
  • There’s been a lot of complaints about the sluggishness of Android TV OS. We don’t know why Sony has continued to stick with it. All it does is knocks some good points off this beautiful TV.

Samsung Q8FN – Best 4K for gaming

Samsung Q8FN – Best 4K TV for Gaming in 2018
In 2018 the Samsung Q8 series earned raved reviews from expert everywhere. The Q8FN stood out as the innovative TV every 4K gamer would be proud to have. All that was before 2019 rolled in and the market got flooded. But the Q8FN remains among the best of the best. Here’s why:

If you ever sit down to play a high-end game on this TV, you’re likely to get hooked for hours. Because you won’t experience any of those annoying stuff like sluggishness or poor picture quality.

Other nice features sold this TV to us. Like how colorful the display is – it even has a light sensor that allows it to dim or brighten depending on the level of lighting in a room.

The TV allows for four HDMI ports, two USB ports, one LAN port and an optical digital audio out. It supports HDR and HDR 10. There’s no analogue input on the Q8FN but that’s forgivable.


  • Bright but cool display
  • Big thumbs up for the styling
  • Astonishing HDR (high dynamic range) performance

  • Again the Bixby isn’t the best out there
  • Pricey

Bottom Line

  • You will love the picture quality of this TV without question. But beyond that, you’ll enjoy your game if you can buy it.
  • Performance wise, the Q8FN passed every test thrown at it effortlessly.
  • For voice control, Bixby falls short. It doesn’t really perform as well as it should for a smart TV.
  • This TV is far from cheap; that’s a popular trait with high-end gadgets from Samsung and Sony. Still, the Q8FN is the right bang for your buck when we talk 4K ultra HD TV.

TCL R617 – Best 4K TV under $1000

TCL R617 – Best 4K TV under $1000

There isn’t much debate about it, the TCL R617 from the 6-series is the best 4K TV for gaming under $1000!

When you consider how costly the other TVs on this list are, you wonder if TCL has sacrificed a lot of important features to produce a budget TV for us. They didn’t. The R617 still packs all the features you need to enjoy time despite costing three times less than its competitors. In fact, this TCL constantly ran out of stock last year when people found out how good it was on 4K and how little they had to pay for it.

The R617 supports three HDR types and runs on the Roku OS. For the design, the TV isn’t the slimmest on the book; but what it lacks for in looks, it makes up for in picture quality. Actually, the picture quality we saw cannot distinctively be distinguished from the Samsung. The display can dim or brighten in response to light.

There are three HDMI ports and two USB ports attached to your TV. There’s also a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, which is pretty much useless because no one’s gonna be crazy enough to listen to the TV with a wired earphone.

This is a smart TV which runs with Roku so expect to enjoy apps, easy customization and stream videos. Most importantly, high end gaming.


  • Great value for money
  • Colorful Ultra HD display
  • Doesn’t suffer from low input lag
  • Budget-friendly TV

  • They didn’t consider cable management
  • Not the best design
  • Voice function isn’t optimal

Bottom Line

  • This is an insanely affordable TV. In fact, we are tempted to label it a cheap 4K TV but that would be doing a disservice to it; since cheap usually implies low quality
  • Another high point for the TCL R617 is the picture quality it exhibits.
  • But good picture quality with high input lag won’t mean much for this list since we’re concerned about the gaming experience. In that regard, this TV passes our test well. You can definitely add it to your gear.

LG OLED77C8PUA – Best TV for PS4

LG OLED77C8PUA – Best TV for Gaming PS4
The first thing you need to know about the LG C8 is that it’s insanely expensive. Actually, it’s more expensive than many nice cars out there. However, the TV you get for that price is one with unrivaled quality. In fact, it’s the best TV for PS4 or any any other high-end game you care to play. This is because it has the lowest input lag on this list.

From the performance to the design and then the sound, nothing is left to chance with the C8. Given that it’s an OLED TV, the viewing angles on this machine will make you cringe. That’s the reason why this TV won numerous review awards in 2018.

Or because people respect what they can’t afford.

The C8 we reviewed is the massive 77-inch model. But the TV comes in a thin but sleek profile making it weigh much lighter than it looks.

The LG C8 runs on LG’s Alpha 9 processor. And uses WebOS 4.0. So you’ll enjoy all the streaming app features. Because it comes with ThinQ A.I, you can control the C8 with Google Voice Assistant or using the voice control on the remote. There isn’t any futuristic Smart TV feature you’ll miss out on if you can buy the LG C8.

The C8 comes with four four HDMI ports, three USB ports and one Ethernet and optical audio out.


  • The best TV money can buy
  • The OLED screen is unbeatable
  • Picture quality and HDR performance is simply superb
  • Motion quality is astonishing so it’s the best for gaming

  • Ridiculously expensive
  • Not as bright as some LCD TVs

Bottom Line

  • There isn’t an OLED TV in the market that matches the C8 for quality or anything for that matter. We only put it down here on this list because it’s just too expensive. And there are cheaper alternatives even from LG that gives nearly the same performance – like the LG E8 that tops this list.
  • The smart features of the C8 are outstanding to say the list
  • However, it didn’t outperform the Samsung Q8FN in terms of sound quality but it was still loud enough with good bass.

Vizio D50u-D1 – Best Budgetfriendly

Vizio D50u-D1 – Best Budget 4K Gaming TV
We have here the Visio D50u-D1 from the D-Series. Affirmative, this TV has low input lag which makes it suited for high-end game experience. We reviewed its other features and performance before honoring it with a place on this list.

Firstly, this is a budget TV; you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable 4K TV with these specs out there. Also, we understand that Vizio is painstakingly carving out a brand name for themselves in the high-end TV market; they aren’t up there with Samsung, Sony and LG yet, but people who buy their TVs end up wondering why they spent so much on those top brands.

The less we talk about the design of this TV the better. That’s probably the major thing they sacrificed to give us a 4K TV at such a low price. But the picture quality on this thing is just amazing.

Looking at how the D50u-D1 handles motion we were even more impressed. We expected some slackness there but it did just fine. At highest volume, the sound didn’t set any records but we’ll still take it.

The TV has five HDMI ports but just one USB 3.0 port. It has an optical audio out, an Ethernet port and AV inputs. The cable management system on this TV wasn’t superb.


  • Affordable
  • Good picture quality
  • Doesn’t lag or give you hassle when gaming
  • More HDMI inputs than some more expensive TVs

  • We expected a much better design
  • Sound can be better
  • Falls behind in terms of view angles
  • Just one USB slot

Bottom Line

  • The D50u-D1 was the cheapest TV we could find for those specs and color gamut – which by the way is really wide.
  • Agreed, there are some smart features you’ll find in those expensive TVs you won’t get on the Visio but when it comes to high-end gaming, you’re in for a big win. We say this because the input lag is exceptionally low. Input lag refers to the time a TV takes to respond to controller input. So low input lag means better gaming experience.
  • We won’t trash the D1 too much for the sound and design. If you want something with more bass that’s aesthetically superb you can spend money on a Samsung or an LG.

What to look out for in a 4K gaming TV

You should understand that not all 4K TVs in the market are good for gaming. There are basic features that stands out. We’re only saying this in case you want to buy a TV that’s not on this list.

Input lag: We mentioned input lag a lot during our review. Once again, we implore you to buy a TV lag that has the lowest possible input lag. What is input lag? This refers to the time a screen takes to render an image based on the input it receives. If your TV has a high input lag, it would take some seconds to render images; that time could be the difference between winning or losing a game.

We did our research and reviewed TVs with the lowest input lag.

Smart features: Any 4K TV you buy should be a smart TV. Your TV should give you all the features you need from a smart TV. That’s because your TV won’t solely be for gaming.

Budget: As much as you want a TV that gives you the smart features you need, the quality of TV you get is heavily dependent on your budget. Everyone knows that money gets you better quality, but that’s not always the case. Be guided with our review.


During our review, we saw many 4K TVs that would be a blessing to every home. But most of those TVs weren’t suited for gaming. Choosing a 4K TV for gaming goes beyond buying an expensive TV with Ultra HD 4K resolution.

Our list will help you buy a 4K TV that doesn’t give you any hassle if you want high-end gaming; especially with games like Xbox One X or PS6 Pro. They all have nice HDR (High Dynamic Range), wide color gamut and low input lag. However, the price also matters here. Everything is up to you at this point.


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