Best Ergonomic Mouse for 2019

An ergonomic mouse is specially designed to minimize all forms of muscle strain and discomfort on your hand when using the typical mouse. It is aesthetically built in a way that fits the hand neutrally when being used. Remember, in the world of Computer Ergonomics, the type of Mouse you use is very important.

People who work long hours on a computer oftentimes spend a large fraction of that time clutching an obedient mouse and other peripherals. Doing that every day with a flat mouse can lead to wrist pain, and in future, cause arthritis and nerve damage. To avoid this, you need to buy a healthy one. These will support your hand and ensure it’s placed neutrally to avoid pain.

Based on this requirement, we have researched and reviewed the best ergonomic mouse to buy in 2019.

Best Ergonomic Mouse for 2019

MouseConnectivityWeight Replaceable BatteryPrice
Logitech MX VerticalWireless, Bluetooth, USB8 OuncesYesCheck Price
NPET Ergonomic Vertical mouseWired5.6 OuncesNoCheck Price
Microsoft SculptWireless, Bluetooth, USB12 OuncesYesCheck Price
Anker 2.4G WirelessWireless4.5 OuncesYesCheck Price
J-Tech Digital [V628] Scroll EnduranceWired8 OuncesNoCheck Price
Evoluent vertical mouseWireless, USB7.5 OuncesYesCheck Price
Delux Ergonomic Vertical MouseWired, USB9.6 OuncesNoCheck Price
Penguin Ambidextrous VerticalWired, USB10.4 OuncesNoCheck Price
Kensington OrbitWired, USB10.4 OuncesNoCheck Price
Lekvey Ergonomic Vertical MouseWireless, USB3.4 OuncesYesCheck Price

Logitech MX Vertical: Best Ergonomic Mice

Logitech MX Vertical: Best Ergonomic Mice

Logitech MX is likely the best Ergonomic Vertical Mouse you will find in the market in 2019. The is designed to provide comfort and minimize any discomfort to your wrist when you use it.

The MX reduces wrist pain and strain because it’s operated from a natural handshake position with a tilt angle of 57 degrees to maximize the comfort on your wrist. The is quite bulky; it measures 5 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs up to 8 Ounces. It has a textured thumb rest and space to rest your fingers, with two thumb rest buttons.

For clickable buttons, the MX Vertical comes with a left/right button, a scroll wheel and a power switch at the bottom. There’s also an easily customizable button (DPI switch) that allows you to change the speed and accuracy of your cursor.

With your wrist resting in a neutral position, you will find the buttons easy, and comfortable.

You can wirelessly connect the MX Vertical to any PC, via Bluetooth or with a USB. It can switch between three wireless setups. In terms of accuracy, the MX has a 4000 DPI sensor which helps to easily pinpoint objects on your screen without frequently moving your arm.

It comes with a rechargeable Li-Po battery that can stay powered for up to four months on a full charge. The battery is charged via USB.


  • Looks adorable
  • Comfortable for the hand, with a thumb rest
  • Easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • Long lasting battery

  • Will take some time to get used to it
  • Expensive


The MX Vertical is basically a right-handed Mouse. But it’s fully functional and ergonomic. It was designed to alleviate RSI (Repetitive Stress Injuries) that usually accompanies working long hours on the computer with traditionally flat Mice.
Because of its build and functionality, its a mice that’s well suited for gaming.
The pricing also seems over the top. There are cheaper options in the market that offers nearly the same functionality.

NPET V20 Ergonomic Vertical : Best For Gaming

NPET V20 Ergonomic Vertical mouse: Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

With the NPET V20 Ergonomic Vertical, you can enjoy a better gaming experience and better functionality.

The V20 spots an ergonomic design with special rests for the wrist and thumb. They come with RGB lighting which can be easily adjusted or put off if you’re not comfortable with it.

Using the software, the DPI is adjustable up to 4000 depending on what you’re using them for. The DPI can be switched on or off. The power switch is located at the bottom.

It has seven programmable buttons which allow you to easily manage your key binds if you’re gaming. The V20 features a high definition sensor and moves at speeds of up to 10g acceleration.

We like the two buttons which are placed on the side that allow for easy browsing. The V20 comes with a detachable wrist pad; this is an ergonomic mouse pad so it helps reduce strain on your wrist.


  • Superb response for gaming
  • Impressive design
  • Nice functionality
  • Compatible with various OS

  • Might take some time to adjust your brain to this vertical mice
  • Setting up the driver will prove tricky if you’ve never setup a mouse before


The NPET V20 is indeed an Ergonomic Vertical mouse. If you’re buying this, you won’t end up with any major complaint. It’s also one of the most affordable options in the market.
The V20 is one that truly complements gamers but also serves efficiently for office work.

Microsoft Sculpt: Best Horizontal

Microsoft Sculpt: Best Horizontal Ergonomic Mouse

The Microsoft Sculpt is the perfect ergonomic wireless mouse to go with any Windows PC although it works just fine with Mac OS X v10.7-10.9 and Android.

The Sculpt can best be described as a right-handed, horizontal built to provide comfort for your wrist when working for long hours. They come in a shiny black body. It has a smooth and soft feel and comes with soft edges that simply makes the device look so adorable.

It has a blue navigation button which acts as a touch-sensitive touchpad and shortcut button which allows you to access the Windows Start menu with one click. You get a slight vibration when you move them to let you know the mouse has registered the action. That hepatic feedback can be deactivated if you want.

You can sync the Sculpt to your computer with a switch which is located below them. They are quite responsive and functions effectively. We didn’t experience any hassle setting it up or connecting it to our computers.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy navigation of windows
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Nice functionality

  • You can pinch to zoom with this
  • Doesn’t consider left-handed people
  • Doesn’t appeal to Mac users
  • Not compatible PCs that don’t have Bluetooth


The Microsoft Sculpt moves away from the bulky design usually associated with vertical mice. The Sculpt is smartly designed to make anyone love it. It can help you to easily toggle through applications on your computer. And there’s that dedicated windows button that lets you access Window Start Menu.
The price of the Sculpt is reasonably fair for the outstanding quality it offers.

Anker 2.4G Wireless: Best Ergonomic Computer

Anker 2.4G Wireless Mouse: Best Ergonomic Computer Mouse
Looking for a portable one for your computer? Look no further than the Anker 2.4G Wireless. Again, this is a vertical ergonomic mouse that alleviates the problem of RSI for people. This is also a wireless.

No matter how big or small your hand is, the Anker should fit your hand well. It takes away all the pressure you should feel on your wrist and arm. The edges are rubberised which gives you a solid and smooth feel when you hold it.

They come with a USB dongle which is impressive when you consider the price. It uses a two-button style which has a scroll wheel at the center. These are placed to give comfort to your fingers even as they stand vertically. Be mindful of a third button on the side which isn’t pronounced. Altogether, the Anker has five operational buttons.

The DPI of the Anker can be set to either Low, Medium or High.

This goes to sleep after a period of eight minutes without activity. It can be reawakened with the click of a button.


  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable

  • No AA batteries included
  • Falls short in terms of tracking
  • DPI setting sometimes resets itself after you reboot your PC
  • Not for left-handed people


The first thing to note about the Anker Wireless is the affordable price. For a few dollars, you get one that alleviates RSI. The functionality and ergonomics are quite impressive too. It’s a mouse that’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
Again, this isn’t that considers left-handed people.

J-Tech Digital [V628] Scroll Endurance: Best Budget

Anker 2.4G Wireless Mouse: Best Ergonomic Computer Mouse

The J-Tech Digital Mouse is another highly affordable options in the market. Like most vertical mice around, this looks quite bulky. But that’s the catch, it gives you a good ‘handshake’ grip with plenty of comfort for your wrist while you use them for whatever.

The J-Tech Digital comes with a clickable scroll wheel which is sandwiched between two buttons on the side. These buttons are placed in such a way that you don’t have to contract your fingers to reach them. The back and forth buttons are also well-positioned on the side; although you might accidentally click them if you aren’t careful.

The sensitivity of them can easily be adjusted, there’s a DPI button underneath for this. The unit comes with a palm rest which looks fine. For people who don’t like the palm rest, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easily removable.

Finally, we must mention the compatibility of the Scroll Endurance. This is compatible with almost every Operating System out there – From Windows to Mac and Linux.


  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Good ergonomics
  • Nice tracking and functionality
  • Affordable

  • The positioning of the back and forth buttons make it easy to accidentally click
  • Not for left-handed people


The J-Digital Scroll Endurance checks all the right boxes for us. It’s comfortable for the wrist and has good functionality. You shouldn’t be bothered by the price either; it’s a very affordable unit.
From testing, this doesn’t seem to fall behind the higher-end options in the market. It’s a right-handed mouse through and through.

Evoluent Vertical 4: Best Wireless

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Best Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Since 2010, Evoluent has remained the go-to brand for ergonomic mice. It’s no surprise then that one of their very own makes our list. We give you the Evoluent Vertical 4.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 is the fourth on a series launched by the company almost a decade ago. They give your hand a handshake grip which ensures your wrist and arm doesn’t hurt if you use it for long periods. This greatly minimizes the risk of repetitive stress injuries associated with a trackpad or traditional mice.

You will find six buttons on this unit; two of those are situated on the side while three are in front. Then there’s a toggle button which uses optical sensors to increase or lower your mouse speed. And the scroll wheel.

Unlike some others in the series, the Evoluent 4 is a wireless mouse, which means it uses rechargeable AAA Batteries.

This unit comes with a software driver with which you can edit and customize the buttons and speed of your tracker. There’s also a DPI switch for that under the mouse. This is a right-handed.


  • Provides good grip for the hand which reduces pain on the wrist
  • Nice design
  • Comes with an easy to use software driver
  • Has a nice thumb rest

  • Scroll wheel button seems a little stiff compared to others we reviewed
  • This isn’t for left-handed people
  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Pricey


The Evoluent Vertical 4 has made a strong statement here. It has a lovely design and solves the problem of a sore wrist after long hours working with a traditional one. Hence it lowers the risk of RSI.
The shortcomings of them are that it doesn’t fit in as a gaming mouse and it’s not for lefties. Not forgetting the pricing – depending on your budget, you might consider this is too expensive.

Best Ergonomic Mice with RGB Lighting: Delux Vertical

Best Ergonomic Mice with RGB Lighting: Delux Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

The Delux Vertical is a brilliant input device that comes with eye-catching RGB lighting. As the name implies, this is vertical in nature to give your hand a neutral posture while you work. With this, you don’t need to grip your mouse forcefully to get the job done. It simply embraces your hand.

The Delux Ergonomic features a clickable scroll wheel placed between two shortcut buttons. The buttons are positioned to give your fingers easy access, that way you don’t unnecessarily click them accidentally.

You can easily scroll through documents and browse web pages with the thumb button on the side.

Interestingly, this doesn’t come with a web driver, this can be both good and bad for customers. Adjusting the speed without a driver was tricky for us. However, some users may like that there wasn’t any need to install software. The mouse is plug and play.

For the tracking, we found this quite impressive, owing to the Resolution Optical Tracking Technology. The sensitivity can be adjusted up to 4000DPI.

The Delux Ergonomic Vertical is compatible with all the major operating systems available.


  • Can be used comfortably for long hours without strain
  • Good for gaming
  • Easy setup
  • Wrist rest (detachable)

  • Bulky design
  • Not for left-handed people


During testing, the Delux Vertical didn’t set any records but it held its own pretty well. They allowed us to enjoy a good gaming experience without any hassle. Tracking was good and the buttons were positioned well enough to minimize clumsiness. Hey, it is bulky, but we like it just fine.
If you’ve not used a Vertical Mouse before, brace up to get your brain wrapped around this one before it becomes part of you.

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical : Best Ambidextrous

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse: Best Ambidextrous Mouse

The Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical earns a place on our review list because it’s one of the very few that can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. As the name implies, this is a Vertical Mouse that looks like a Penguin.

It has good ergonomics, although not the best on our list. There are three distinct sizes of the Penguin available: the small (0-16cm), medium (16-18cm) and large (18cm+). We reviewed the large here because it’s most suited for fully-grown adults. To chose the one that best suits you, you may have to measure the length of your wrist to your topmost middle finger.

The Penguin Vertical has a smooth texture that provides your comfort for your hand while using them. It has an easy-glide symmetrical base. This allows you to rest your hand comfortably when working.

We were impressed with the precision of it. The DPI setting could be adjusted between 400 to 1200 DPI.

The unit is compatible with most OS you know, including the big ones – Windows Mac and Linux.


  • Portable
  • This mouse ambidextrous – is for both left-handed and right-handed people
  • Truly ergonomic
  • Two-year warranty

  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t fully rest all your fingers


We wanted an Ambidextrous ergonomic that didn’t just stand up straight but offer little value. What we got was the Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse.
This doesn’t rest all your fingers, especially the pinky, but it really reduces soreness and pain on the wrist which follows long term use of non-ergonomic mice. Rest assured you could work with this for a long time without feeling a thing.
The price is little on the high side though, but it solves a problem so we’ll take it.

Kensington Orbit: Best Trackball

Kensington Orbit: Best Ergonomic Trackball Mouse

The Kensington Orbit is not the only an astonishing trackball, it doubles as an Ambidextrous. That means you can work with it with both hands, alternating your hands for maximum comfort.

The Orbit has a scroll ring that lets you scroll through web pages and through lengthy documents with ease. It has a wrist rest which is detachable. The ergonomics of this is quite commendable. Using this mouse we considered if it was comfortable for the hand, especially the wrist – it passed all the tests.

The Orbit has a software driver which can easily be downloaded and used to customize the trackball. At the side of them, you will find two giant buttons for right and left-click. These buttons don’t make as much clicking sound as other regular mice you know.


  • Portable
  • Ambidextrous – for both left and right-handed people
  • Affordable

  • Uninspired design


The Kensington Orbit solves the RSI problem well. It’s not a Vertical one but that doesn’t lower the ergonomics. We loved the large trackball at the edge because it meant we didn’t have to move the mouse around to use it. This minimized wrist activity when using them. The Orbit is really a likeable. Although it appears a little old school.

Lekvey 7Lucky Vertical: Best Left-Handed

Lekvey 7Lucky Vertical Mouse: Best Left-Handed Ergonomic Mouse
There aren’t many Vertical mice specifically for left-handers in the market, you either get an ambidextrous verticalor go for something that’s not ergonomic. But we dug deep and found a cool ergonomic Verticals for lefties – we present the Lekvey 7Lucky Ergonomic Mouse.

They under review are a wireless mouse which uses a USB receiver. Just like most Vertical mice on this list, it encourages a neutral handshake wrist position to minimize wrist pain, nerve damage and other RSIs.

At the bottom of it, you will find a power switch that allows you to switch off the mouse to save power. It goes to sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity. This saves power, but clicking it regularly to wake it up can become a boring chore.

About the design, the 7Lucky Vertical is portably built with a shiny black body. There are six buttons on this unit. And two back and forth buttons. It uses an optical sensor, so be careful about that LED light.

It supports all Windows and Linux operating systems but sadly it doesn’t work on Mac.


  • Provides one for lefties
  • Good ergonomics
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It’s not chunky like most ergonomic mice
  • Nice design

  • Doesn’t support Mac OS
  • Doesn’t include AAA batteries


The 7Lucky Ergonomic Left-handed will be welcomed by lefties who want an ergonomic but can’t find anything specially designed for them. It has good ergonomics and nice tracking ability. It’s a wireless rechargeable that won’t give you any hassle. Unless you’re right-handed.

Things to look out for in Ergonomic Mice

Wired or wireless: When you’re shopping for an ergonomic mouse, you should consider whether you’re getting a wired or wireless unit. Some people prefer a wireless piece because it gives them the freedom to use their computer or TV from distance.

But a wireless uses batteries (some rechargeable); this means you have to deal with always charging and replacing those batteries.

A wired, on the other hand, doesn’t give any hassle with charging or battery. However, extra wires can make for a clumsy computer unit. The choice is yours.

Ambidextrous design: If you’re a lefty, you should buy one like the Lekvey 7Lucky Ergonomic. Lefties don’t have a host of ergonomic mice built for them. But you can opt for something that ambidextrous. The Penguin Ambidextrous Mouse can serve well in that regard.

Right-handed people are spoiled for options. But if you have someone that shares the computer with you who’s a lefty, it might be wise to get an ambidextrous mouse.

DPI Switch: We recommend you buy one that has a DPI (Dots Per Inch) switch at the bottom. If you get a mouse with a physical DPI switch you won’t have to meddle with any software to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. The extensive Gamers who like pushing their mice to high sensitivity can easily do this without exiting the game.


Do I need an ergonomic mouse?

Millions of people work long hours daily in front of a computer – they all use a mouse or trackpad. Yet, only a few consider getting a healthy option. You may not be among the majority but you surely must be using a mouse time and again. If that’s the case, then you need to buy an ergonomic mouse now. You just have to try it. You’ll get the hang of it.

Using an ergonomic will save you from the risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). People who fail to invest in these input devices, like an ergonomic keyboard and a mouse are putting themselves at risk of nerve damage and arthritis. Or something like Carpal tunnel syndrome. These nasty ailments usually build up gradually as you continue to use the computer.

Final words

The time to buy an ergonomic mouse is now. Even if you feel you don’t need one at the moment, your body actually does. The health benefits of getting one of these mice can no longer be swept under the carpet.

There are numerous option in the market from vertical to horizontal. Majority of these mice are built for right-handed people, but a few are ambidextrous while a few others are designed for lefties. We observed due diligence in choosing and reviewing the best ergonomic mouse in the market. The rest is up to you. There’s certainly a mouse here that meets 95% of whatever you need in an ergonomic input device.


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