Best Sleep Tracker for Feeling More Rested

Sleep is an absolutely essential part of life. It takes up about a third of our time and it’s what lets us be productive during our waking hours. However, many people aren’t getting enough of it, and what little nap they do get is disrupted for one reason or another. To solve this problem, smart trackers are developed.

To help you get your nap back and wake up ready to be as productive as possible, we’ve tried list down our reviews of what we think are the top four best sleep trackers out there, as well as some information about how to best use them.

Best Sleep Tracker

ModelStyleWeightHeart Rate MonitoringPrice
Fitbit AltaWrist Wearable0.8 OuncesYesCheck Price
Letscom Fitness TrackerWrist Wearable0.8 OuncesYesCheck Price
Beautyrest Sleep TrackerUnder Bed Sensor1 poundNoCheck Price
Beautyrest Sleep TrackerRing Wearable 4.3 ouncesYesCheck Price

Fitbit Alta – Excellent Monitoring and All Around Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta – Excellent Sleep Monitor and All Around Fitness Tracker

The first device we’ll be looking at today is the Fitbit Alta. Fitbit has been in the fitness wearable market for quite a while and has established itself as a reputable brand.

Their devices reach far beyond just sleep monitoring though and can record almost every important aspect of your wellbeing. The device is made from a small screen that can display simple graphics and a comfortable rubberized band that is easily replaceable and comes in several styles.

On the face of the device, there is a clock that displayed the time in a digital format like a smart watch, and a continuous heart rate monitor. Most of the information that the Alta records and monitors is available in the accompanying app.

Either on your phone or laptop, you can get an in-depth view of how your fitness and wellbeing goals are going. The amount of data Fitbit devices collects is almost overwhelming, but it is presented in a very pleasing and easy to digest way in their app.

You can see how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burned, and even things like how many flights of stairs you’ve taken throughout the day.

Using heart rate and accelerometer data the Alta can also track which phase of sleep you’re in. This is presented with an easy to read graph in the app, and gives you some very clear insight into how the quality and quantity of nap you’re getting is.

If you’re looking to not only monitor your sleep, but also other aspects of your wellbeing, then this is a great option.

Our Rating: 9/10


  • Records tons of data
  • Very well designed app
  • Comfortable and water resistant

  • Must be the right size or heart rate will not be read
  • Does not show messages or other information from phone
  • Low resolution screen

Bottom Line

  • Can record a myriad of aspects of wellbeing including sleep phases, heart rate, and calorie burning
  • Very easy to use app that presents information in an easy to read manner
  • Comfortable and durable

Letscom Fitness Tracker – Most Affordable

Letscom Fitness Tracker – Most Affordable Sleep and Fitness Tracker on the Market

Next up is the Letscom Fitness, tracker which sports a stunningly low price for the features it brings to the table.

For starters, it is an all-around fitness tracker much like the Fitbit Alta. It boasts continuous heart rate monitoring as well as an accelerometer. The integrated sensors allow it to work as a pedometer as well as a workout tracker. It records your steps, calorie burn, and of course, sleeping.

While the tracking feature doesn’t quite have the precision and detail of the Fitbit model, it does tell you how long you were sleeping for and breaks down into deep, light, and waking. This is enough for most people to give them a good idea of how well or poorly they’re sleeping.

When paired to a phone the Letscom can use GPS data to track and record workouts offering a map of where you ran or biked. The Letscom also sports an exceptional battery life, able to last a full week on a single charge.

Unlike the Fitbit, this device is also able to show information regarding notifications on your phone once it is paired with Bluetooth. It can display when you’re receiving a call, who it’s from, show your new text messages or Facebook messages, and even notify you of upcoming events on your calendar.

If you want a tracker that is so much more, and all for a great deal, then this is an amazing product.

Our Rating: 8/10


  • Shows phone notifications
  • Long battery life
  • Very affordable

  • App is less well designed than Fitbit
  • Does not display heart rate by default
  • Band can wear out easily

Bottom Line

  • Tons of fitness tracking features including step count, heart rate, and more
  • Can show notifications from your phone ranging from calls to Facebook messages
  • Excellent deal for all the deatures you’re getting

Beautyrest – Monitor your Sleep Without a Wearable

Beautyrest Tracker – Monitor your Sleep Without a Wearable

If the idea of having to wear something while you take a nap in order to monitor your resting quality is unappealing to you, then we have just the solution. The Beautyrest features a very unique design that can monitor your nap and even your breathing pattern without any wearable.

Instead of a wristband or ring, the Beautyrest goes under your mattress. The kit comes with two sensors as a hub to connect them to that collects and analyzes the data from the sensors. Each sensor can monitor one person’s nap, so if you have a partner then you can put one sensor on your side and one on theirs to monitor both of your sleep cycles.

The hub is powered by AI that offers powerful analysis and can learn your normal patterns and learns to tell you when something has changed in the way you take a nap. They do have an app that can provide insight, it is also Alexa compatible.

Integration with Alexa allows you to get information on your nap quality and patterns by simply asking Alexa how you slept last night. This is the best device for a smart home enthusiast and offers excellent monitoring and insight into your sleep without the need to wear anything.

Our Rating: 8/10


  • Ai powered
  • Alexa compatible
  • No wearable required

  • Cannot monitor heart rate
  • Does not provide some of the data competitors can
  • Only available in the US

Bottom Line

  • Monitors sleep quality and even breathing patterns without any wearable
  • Integrates with Alexa to offer an easy way to see how you slept
  • AI provides a powerful analysis of sleep patterns and can learn when something has changed

Lookee Ring – Medical Grade Ring

Lookee Sleep Ring – Medical Grade Sleep Ring

For those with sleep apnea or another sleep-related medical condition, keeping track of your nap can be more important than simply waking up refreshed. If your reasons for needing a monitoring device involve more than just nap quality, then this is the device for you.

The Lookee ring is designed for patients with sleep apnea or those who use a CPAP machine. This ring goes over one of your fingers and has a small screen on the front that displays some of the information it is tracking.

In addition to tracking general quality and movement during your sweet dreams, the Lookee monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Anyone with sleeping condition knows how important this can be. This insight can give you very important data regarding how you are breathing in your nap.

This smart device can even wake you up if it detects your blood oxygen level getting low. It vibrates to wake you up if something could be wrong. This vibration feature can also be triggered by snoring to help your partner get a better night sleep and to help you readjust when needed for better breathing.

There is also an accompanying app that lets you see exactly how your blood oxygen level and heart rate changes over the course of the night. For those who need to keep a close eye on medical data during their nap time, nothing beats the Lookee ring.

Our Rating: 8/10


  • Will wake you up if snoring or low blood oxygen level
  • Heart rate and blood O2 monitoring
  • Well designed app

  • Surprisingly expensive
  • Ring is not comfortable for some people
  • Very small screen

Bottom Line

  • Ideal device for monitoring blood oxygen level in patients with sleep apnea or related conditions
  • Can wake you up in the night if something is wrong with your vital signs
  • Can help reduce snoring by vibrating at night when snoring is detected

How Tech Can Help You Sleep Better

In order for our bodies to repair themselves, they need proper rest. If you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling sluggish or being irritable, then more goodnights might be just what you need.

The first step of improving your nap is to be able to measure it. Any of the trackers on our list will give you detailed information regarding the duration and quality of your nap. With this information, you can then begin to make changes to your patterns and see how they affect the quality.

Without a tracker, it would be impossible to tell what kind of a difference the changes you make are having. We suggest changing one thing at a time for about a week at a time, and then looking at the data.

This way you can get a clear idea of what kind of a difference that change has made. As for what to change we have three suggestions.

Keep on a Schedule

Your body’s circadian rhythm is incredibly important. It’s a series of chemical changes that occur on a roughly 24-hour cycle which control and affect sleep, in addition to a number of other aspects of wellbeing.

Not having a regular schedule can negatively affect this rhythm. This can make it very difficult to fall asleep when you want to, and even more difficult to wake up in the morning.

If you want to fall asleep more quickly and wake up feeling fresh try to get on a regular schedule. If you do, you’ll find that over the course of one or two weeks your device will show and improvement in nap quality.

Avoid Screens Before Bed

Electronics, especially phones and computer monitors, give off a very harsh and unnatural light. They are abundant in the blue spectrum, which is known to affect bedtime.

We suggest staying away from screens as much as possible for about 30 minutes before bed. This will help your body release melatonin, which is the hormone that makes you feel tired and regulates your sleeping pattern. Melatonin is suppressed by blue light.

Alternatively, if staying screen free before bed is not an option, there are programs that can shift the light produced from your screens in the evening into a more sleep-friendly red hue.

Exercise and Eat Well

Unsurprisingly to many people, exercise and diet affect every aspect of how we feel and how our body works. If you’re not sleeping well, it could be a matter of changing your diet and exercise habits.

Consider getting a fitness tracker, eating better and exercising. You’ll probably be shocked to see your tracker improve by the day.


What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects breathing during your nap. The most common symptom is snoring during the night. It can actually be dangerous as it can affect how much oxygen your brain is getting during that period.

Best Sleep Tracker for Feeling More Rested

If you want to be more productive or have more energy during the day then getting proper nap is incredibly important. Many people are either not getting enough, getting poor sleep, or both.

If you often wake up still feeling tired it might be time to make some changes. However, without some way to measure the affect of those changes it’s hard to tell whether what you’re doing is working. This is where a sleep tracker can help.

By monitoring you while you sleep, they provides you with the information you need to wake up feeling more rested.


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