Can you be Smartphone-sober for a year? How about for $100,000?

Smartphone use is ubiquitous these days. People walk as they talk on their smartphone, use social media apps in restrooms, check emails at the traffic light, or even text a family member sitting across a sofa.

Finally, a noteworthy challenge from the company that makes Vitaminwater. If you think that you are ready to be smartphone-sober for a whole year, then you could get $100,000. On the surface, this may not seem like a very difficult challenge. Even the company’s associate brand manager, Natalia Suarez, thinks that the daring contest is more of a stance in breaking the monotony of people mindlessly scrolling through their smartphones.

Smartphone use data
Credit, Pew Research Center

Vast majority of Millennials own a smart mobile device

The statistics, however, speaks louder, with more than 92 percent of millennials owning a smartphone. With the plethora of features and functions, ease of use, and the abundance of mobile apps, latest high-tech phones offer the dopamine high to our brain. Even young school-aged children are hooked to smart mobile devices with one-third of preschoolers owning smartphones or tablets.

If you think that you are able to say goodbye to any smartphone for a year, you can enter the contest by submitting a post on Twitter or Instagram with the hastags #nophoneforayear and #contest. You have until January 9 next year to decide. The company will pick a contender for the challenge around January 22, 2019.

No smartphone for a year

If you are interested in the no-smartphone-for-a-year contest and feel that you might be isolated from the rest of the civilization, then you can put your worries to rest. The company will give a dumbphone to the selected candidate. Furthermore, the person will be able to use computers or smart home assistants like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The challenger will have to take a lie-detection test after a year. In case, s/he is only able to go six months without a smartphone; there’s a consolation prize of $10,000.


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