Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off on January 2019. CES is a tech and pc gaming hardware convention happening after New Year. It’s a place where the tech giants show their upcoming best gears.

We’re giving you a glimpse of upcoming PC gaming hardware the January event will likely present. Some of these concepts might not even come out, and some others will arrive by late 2019.

Either way, the upcoming components will likely be a part of your 2019 PC builds.

CES 2019 Las Vegas

CES 2019 will happen in Las Vegas between January 8 and January 11, 2019. Source: Android Pit.

AMD’s 2019 pc gaming hardware

AMD was a major CES player on 2017 and 2018. Not this year, though: the only spot they will have during the conference is a 9 am the keynote on the first day that is unlikely to be a big product.

They might share news of the upcoming 3000-series CPU’s with their new ZEN 2 processor architecture. Keep these models in mind as they will be a great gaming pc option.

The Ryzen 3000 series features a high-performance x86 Core CPU which delivers 52 percent more speed and efficiency than first-gen Ryzen processors. More so, the 2nd Gen Ryzen processors will the first desktop processors with a 12nm process node.

Furthermore, AMD may launch the Radeon Vega II GPU, a budget graphic card, as well as the Navi Graphic Cards, a mid-range GPU.

Intel’s upcoming PC hardware

Intel will hold their conference on January 7, at 4 pm (local time). It will be a live-streamed show, so you can keep an eye on what they say in Las Vegas.

The tech company will probably showcase their upcoming 10nm Sunny Cove CPU’s, the 9th generation of Intel Core processors.

Gen-9 architecture, says Intel, increases performance and power efficiency for common computing tasks. Sunny Cove processors will also have features to improve AI and cryptography workloads.

The models have six pillars: Software, Security, Interconnection, Memory, Architecture, and Process.

Intel might as well mention the next Intel Xe graphics architecture. Intel Xe is a discrete GPU that will reach the market on 2020.
Also, they could dedicate some time to talk about Intel 5G, a wireless technology they are developing which needs no further explanation. You know, it’s like 3G, or like 4G, but way faster and better.

Nvidia upcoming gaming GPU’s

Nvidia will likely be the top-player of the show because it’s one of the few tech companies that’s actually launching something in Las Vegas.

Firstly, the tech giant will launch the RTX 20-series Max Q graphic card for laptops at CES. Their design aims for light and slim gaming laptops.

Nvidia’s RTX 2060 is rumored to be the last announcement of CES. These mid-tier Turing-based GPU’s might become leaders of the 2019 budget gaming market.

Nvidia’s display is called “Big Format Gaming Display,” a 4K, HDR, 64” incredibly expensive gaming monitor.
Nvidia BFGD
Nvidia’s BFGD prototype. Source: Nvidia.
Nvidia promises the product will have access to Netflix, Amazon, and a smart system able to control your smart home with your voice. It will even have Nvidia-powered games on the cloud, and the ability to cast from your PC to the BFGD.


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