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If you’ve ever gone to a LAN party, then you know how much of a hassle it can be to pack up your PC to take it with you. Worse yet, how stressful it can be to transport such expensive equipment. Even if you haven’t been to a LAN party, but are just a college student or someone who finds themselves often having to move around with their PC, then you also know this struggle.

Luckily, there are a variety of portable pc cases available that have handles built into them as a means of making transporting your gaming or work PC easier and safer. To help you pick the right computer case for your needs
, we’ve done the research for you and have compiled this list of the best computer cases with handles.

Best PC Cases With Handle

CaseMotherboard Form FactorsFront I/ODimensionsDrive Bays 
Corsair 380TmITX2 USB 3.0, headphone and microphone jacks17.7"x14.3"x17.3 "two 3.5" bays and two 2.5' baysCheck Price
Silverstone ML08B-HmITX2 USB 3.0, headphone and microphone jacks15"x4.1"x13.8"one 3.5" bay and three 2.5" baysCheck Price
MasterCase MC500MtmITX, mATX, ATX, and eATX up to 12"x10.7"1 USB 3.1 Type-C, 3 USB 3.0, headphone and microphone jacks21.4"x9.5"x22.6"two 5.25" bays, eight 3.5" bays that can fit 2.5" drives, and one 2.5" bayCheck Price
In Win D-Frame MinimITX2 USB 3.0, headphone and microphone jacks20"x12.5"x22.5"three bays for either 3.5" or 2.5" drivesCheck Price
BitFenix Prodigy MmATX or mITX2 USB 3.0, headphone and microphone jacks12"x18"x16.5"one 5.25" bay, four 3.5" bays, and two 2.5" baysCheck Price

If you want to quickly look at each of these in more detail, here’s a summary:

Corsair Graphite Series 380T – Mini-ITX Case with Tons of Space and Airflow


If you’re looking for the most portable computer case possible, then your best bet is a mini-ITX case with a handle, which is exactly what we’re looking at with the Corsair 380T. Corsair is known for making superior cooling equipment such as fans and AIO water cooling loops. Their expertise in cooling truly shines with this case. The front and sides of the case are made from a very breathable mesh. This mesh acts as an air filter to prevent dust from getting into your case, while at the same time letting as much air to flow through the case as possible.

The case has a total of five fan mounts arranged strategically in the front, rear, and sides. The front mount can accommodate your choice of a 200mm fan, a 140mm fan, or dual 120mm fans. The side mounts can each accommodate a 120mm fan, or be outfitted with a 240mm radiator for water cooling. The case also has a mount for a 120mm fan in the back. The 380T features a built-in fan controller on the front I/O that can be set to one of three speeds to give you the ideal balance of cooling and quietness for any situation.

The case is highly customizable and incredibly easy to work in as the front panel comes off, and the side panels fold open like gull-wing doors for easy access at any time. The case has removable panels that allow you to expose the internal metal frame making mounting motherboards or other hardware a breeze. Despite its mini-ITX form factor, the case can hold a full-size graphics card and power supply making it not only highly portable but also more than capable of extreme performance, perfect for LAN parties and gaming on the go.

Bottom Line

  • Great for simple portable builds that don’t require more than one expansions card
  • Decent amount of drive bays for storage space
  • Very easy case to work in

  • Very compact form factor
  • Tons of airflow for great cooling
  • Lots of drive bays for its size
  • Can fit a full-size power supply and graphics card

  • Can only fit an mITX motherboard
  • Simplistic fan controller
  • Only room for one expansion card

Silverstone ML08B-H – mITX Case with a Briefcase Profile


The last case we’ll take a look at is the Silverstone ML08B-H. This micro atx case is about the same shape and size as a briefcase. The case is designed to stand vertically and has feet at the bottom to keep it well balanced. A large handle at the top of the case makes it incredibly easy to take this computer with you on the go.

Due to the case’s extremely thin profile, it can only accommodate a slim power supply and a single dual slot expansion card, which your graphics card takes up. There are large vents at the top and bottom of the case for efficient airflow making the case cool despite its cramped interior.

The front of the case has a removable cover that protects the I/O which includes the standard 2 USB 3.0 ports as well as standard headphone and microphone jacks. If you want an incredibly portable case but don’t require tons of PCI-E slots or water cooling, then this case might be for you.

Bottom Line

  • Very good case for someone who needs to take their case on the go
  • Not ideal for someone who needs  an ultra high-performance PC
  • Unique briefcase form factor

  • Arguably the most compact and portable case on our list
  • Lightweight design
  • Strong handle and feet

  • Less than ideal cooling
  • Can only fit slim graphics cards, power supplies, and one 3.5″ drive
  • Only compatible with mITX boards

MasterCase MC500Mt – Beautiful Mid-Tower Case Designed for Durability and Portability

Next on our list is an ATX case with a handle from Cooler Master. The mid-tower form factor is preferred by most PC builders as it offers a balance of space and portability. The interior is not overly cramped like some smaller form factors can be, but at the same time the case is not enormous like some full towers can be.


This case features an extremely sleek looking front panel with tempered glass windows on both sides to give everyone around a great view of your hardware. The glass panels are held on with a special drop resistant brackets to give you extra assurance during transportation that the glass is securely in place and won’t be sliding or moving anywhere, even in the worst case scenario.

In addition to the top handle for easy carrying, the case also boasts a built-in graphics card holder that supports the weight of your graphics card. This prevents the card from putting stress on the PCI-E slot it’s in or even falling out of the slot which can happen when the computer is being carried.

The MC500Mt also utilizes Cooler Master’s FreeForm modular system that makes swapping out and customizing the panels on the outside of the case a breeze. Finally, this case also has the impressive front I/O that includes one USB 3.1 type-C, three USB 3.0 ports, and buttons to control both fan speed and the RGB inside the case.

Bottom Line

  • Not the most portable option on our list
  • Very aesthetically pleasing case with good airflow
  • Capable of having most motherboard mounted in it along with tons of drives and expansion cards

  • Can accommodate full-size ATX and even some eATX motherboards
  • Modular design allows for maximum customizability
  • Top of the line front I/O
  • Tons of drive bays (up to ten 2.5″ drives or eight 3.5″ drives)

  • Pretty large for a portable machine
  • Requires a special connector on the motherboard to run the I/O
  • Slightly on the heavy side

In Win D-Frame Mini – Open Frame Chassis Case for Incredible Durability

If you have an obsession with good airflow, then nothing beats a completely open air case like the In Win D-frame. This case has mounts for up to four 120mm fans and also has space for a thick 240mm radiator if you plan to use water cooling. The D-Frame Mini has a tempered glass panel on one side and a typical metal motherboard try on the other and is completely encased in a metal frame.

When looking for a LAN party case or just a portable case in general durability is a huge consideration. This case absolutely excels in this category as well with its motorcycle steel construction. The case also features rubber grommets to further aid in shock absorption.


On top of the impressive durability and great airflow, this mITX case can fit a full-size graphics card. The I/O on the front of the case is nothing special though with two USB 3.0 ports and your run of the mill headphone and microphone jack as well as some indicator lights for hard drive activity. If you want a highly portable case with tons of airflow and full-size graphics card compatibility then the D-Frame Mini is a compelling choice.

Bottom Line

  • Great for someone looking for an extremely durable mITX computer case with a handle
  • Could be used to overclocking when paired with a beefy power supply thanks to exceptional cooling
  • A great choice for a gaming rig on the go

  • Very durable motorcycle steel construction
  • Optimal airflow thanks to the open-air design
  • Shock absorbing rubber feet keep the components quiet and safe while being transported

  • Fewest drive bays of any of the cases on our list
  • Only compatible with mITX motherboards
  • Pretty expensive

BitFenix Prodigy M – Micro-ATX Case with Double Handles


The original Prodigy case from Bitfenix was designed to accommodate a mITX motherboard. While this design was popular in its own right, many people thought it was unnecessarily large for a micro atx case, so with the Prodigy M refresh of the design, BitFenix decided to design the case for the beefier mATX motherboard.

This expanded the PCI-E slots on the case from only one to four and also improved the overall compatibility of the case as a whole. One the front of the case is a drive bay for a cd reader or other accessories, while the power button and I/O are placed on the side of the case. As for I/O, the case includes 2 USB 3.0 ports as well as a standard headphone and microphone jack.

The case is incredibly compact which makes it easy to transport, and features two handles on the top made from BitFenix’s Fiver Flex plastic that gives the handles a soft feel. Its compact size is partly in thanks to an abnormal layout with the power supply being mounted at the front of the case and exhausting out the bottom. Despite this odd layout, the case does offer decent cooling with space for a 240mm radiator on the top of the case. There is also a spot for either a 120mm or 140mm fan in the back and just enough room for a full-size graphics card.

Bottom Line

  • Good for those looking for a simple case
  • Can accept a wide range of radiators, but the airflow is not great
  • Comes in a ton of colors so you can make it look your own

  • Handles are made from a soft feel rubber making them easy to grip
  • Two handles offer better control than one
  • Available in lots of cool colors

  • Less than ideal airflow
  • Cannot fit full-size size graphics cards
  • Only has room for up to two expansion cards

What to Look for When Picking a PC Case with a Handle

If you’re looking for a case to take with you to LAN parties or on the go, then there are a number of cases available that feature a handle to help you travel easier. If you need tons of cooling and maximum durability, then the D-Frame Mini might be ideal for you. Its motorcycle steel design and shock absorbing feet offer maximum protection for your hardware.

If you think you need a full-size tower on the other hand, with ample expansion slots and tons ofPCI-E lanes then the MasterCase MC500Mt might be a better choice. Its mid-tower profile can accommodate a wide variety of different boards. In addition, it boasts a unique modular design that offers tons of customizability.

Finally, if you’re looking for maximum portability then our recommendation is the Silverstone ML08B-H. It has a similar profile to a briefcase with a slim body and a large handle at the top. The only drawback is that its mITX motherboard can only accommodate a single expansion card.


What is the best motherboard form factor for an on the go PC?

mITX will offer the greatest portability but will limit the kind of hardware you can use in the computer. ATX will be able to run the latest and greatest hardware but will be larger than other options. So the answer depends on whether you prioritize performance or portability.

Final Thoughts

No matter which one of the cases on our list you decide to get we are positive it will offer more portability than almost any of the other cases out there. As always, we love hearing from you guys, so if you’ve got questions or have bought one of these cases yourself, let us hear about it in the comments below.


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