Consumers Electronic Show (CESis the world’s largest tech show. CES 2019 (Las Vegas) revolves around two companies: Google and Amazon. The post-New Year annual conference has become the traditional battle stage for the two giants.

Google and Amazon are hoping Las Vegas gives one of them the definite leading position in the smart home and IoT (Internet of Things) market.

So, today we’re not talking about PC build. Instead, hang with us to learn about the leaders of the AI-assistant market.

Google Vs. Amazon

Amazon’s AI-enable assistant Alexa is on one of the corners. The voice assistant single-handled pioneered the smart speaker market back in 2014. It became the industry leader back then and still is.

Amazon first sold Alexa as part of its Echo smart speakers. Over the years, Alexa has become a household name.

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo. Source: Amazon.

On the other side, we have the Google Assistant. Google’s contender entered the fray in 2016, two years after Alexa.

The Assistant powers the Google Home line of product, and features as well on Android devices. Users can power the Assistant by saying the phrase “Hey Google.”

Google Home takes advantage of the IoT to give users control of their home appliances via voice commands. It works similarly to Amazon Alexa’s Echo dot.

Google Assistant is more advanced on Google’s own line of flagship smartphones, the Pixel series. The AI can program your schedule, search info, play music, open an app, recognize songs, call people, respond messages, and more.

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Home showed their power even before CES 2019 started.

Amazon shared they have sold more than 100 million Alexa devices, while Google states they are building 1 billion Assistant-enabled devices by the end of January. However, keep in mind most of these devices are Android phones, which come with the software installed by default.

How Google and Amazon fared at CES 2019?

Each company faced CES 2019 with a different strategy. Google was loud and over the top and marketed the “Hey Google” across town.

Google at CES 2019
“Hey Google” sings all over the place. Source: DigitalTrends.

Amazon had a subtle approach and remain present through their partner’s booths, stage presentations, and many “Works with Alexa” marks on all kinds of products.

In fact, Google has been making CES one of its main stages since they launched the Assistant in 2016. Before that, the tech giant preferred sticking to their own conferences.

2019’s Google booth was a big as a Las Vegas city block. Their site was right outside Las Vegas Convention Center and it even included an It’s a Small World” ride.

All of Google’s marketing blitz came with new features for the Assistant as well. Now, Google Assistant has an interpreter mode that translates conversations in real time.

Aside from that, Google also showed some new hardware the partners have made. New hardware includes a Lenovo Smart Clock (which is similar to the Echo Spot), and the KitchenAid smart display.

Amazon took the stage to show new Alexa-powered devices. Such devices include the Lenovo Smart Tab, Ford’s new infotainment system, and the Vuzix smart glasses.

There’s also a new smart security camera for households that run with Alexa. And lastly, Key by Amazon, the company’s in-home delivery, announced in-garage delivery.


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