We have a new concept art from what is perhaps the most anticipated game of 2019, DOOM Eternal. Bethesda haven’t revealed an awful lot about the game so far. We did see a bit of the game in action teased during an event that took place earlier this month. But this latest update, a concept art, comes directly from the official account of DOOM. It shows what appears to be the legendary protagonist, the Doom Slayer,  standing outside gates of hell. Here’s the picture:

2016’s reboot of DOOM was one ‘hell’ of a game, way better than what was expected of it. For that reason it has upped expectations for all future installments in the franchise, including DOOM eternal.

New Gameplay Footage

A footage of the DOOM Eternal gameplay was teased earlier this month, during GDC 2019. The event highlighted the game development process for Google’s new streaming platform, Stadia. id Software developers shared insights on how DOOM Eternal was being developed for Stadia. And they ended the presentation with a short gameplay video.

This footage, although just a few minutes in length, shows enough promise to keep the anticipation going. There’s quite a lot of gore, as one would expect of DOOM, as well as stunning visuals. The soundtrack seems just as promising as well. Mick Gordon, who was responsible for the heavy soundtrack of 2016’s DOOM is involved in DOOM Eternal as well, and his soundtrack for the game can be heard blaring during the few minutes long gameplay video. The gameplay also seems to show that there will be expanded movement and mobility options in the new game. All and all, DOOM Eternal looks like a promising addition to the franchise.

You can check out the gameplay footage below:

2018’s Gameplay Reveal

The earliest gameplay footage was revealed last year, the following 17-minute gameplay footage that gave us the earliest insights on the game.

This video was indeed a pleasing sight to all DOOM fans:

The footage shows two different worlds that will be featured in DOOM Eternal, Phobos and Hell on Earth. It shows the legendary protagonist, the DOOM Slayer, take on monsters, both new and classic, with upgraded weapons and armory.

Future & Release

We can expect to see a lot more of DOOM Eternal later in the Summer. It is expected to be the centerpiece in the Bathesda’s July 9 E3 presentation. Then later in July, the game will be available to play at QuakeCon Europe.

DOOM Eternal is expected to be released sometime late in 2019. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Stadia and PC.

If you intend on getting a new gaming PC to play DOOM Eternal in, you can check out our review of the best prebuilt gaming PCs.


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