AMD is gearing to become one of the biggest tech payers of the year 2019. In fact, their upcoming series of Ryzen 3000 processors will probably take a high place on the market. What’s more, Russian price tracking portal e-Katalog has listed the prices of the entire Ryzen 3000 catalog.

We also have the specs as we have found several leaks coming from other tech-news sites. However, the listing could be fake, and you should take it with a grain of salt. If the prices were true, though, AMD will shake up their processor competitors with the new Ryzen chips.

Ryzen 3000 series prices
Ryzen 3000 series prices. Source: Tom’s Hardware.

The AMD Ryzen 3000 series

3rd-gen Ryzen processors will receive core and frequency upgrades, according to rumors. AMD Ryzen 3 3300 models will go up from 4 to 6 cores, Ryzen 5 300 from 6 to 8 cores, and Ryzen 7 300 from 8 to 12 cores.

The most powerful CPUs of AMD’s next generation are the Ryzen 3800X and 3850X. These models have 16 cores and 32 threads, which is a surprising and powerful upgrade for AMD. In fact, the enhancement will put the Ryzen 3000 flagship models competing against Intel Core i9-9900K.

Here are the full specs and prices of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series. Prices, as we said, are coming from e-Katalog. The company will officially announce the series during CES 2019. As for the release date, we can only wait.

Processor Cores / Threads Base / Boost Clock TDP Price Debut
Ryzen 3 3300
6 / 12 3.2 / 4.0GHz 50W $99 CES
Ryzen 3 3300X
6 / 12 3.5 / 4.3GHz 65W $129 CES
Ryzen 5 3600 8 / 16 3.6 / 4.4GHz 65W $178 CES
Ryzen 5 3600X 8 / 16 4.0 / 4.8GHz 95W $229 CES
Ryzen 7 3700
12 / 24 3.8 / 4.6GHz 95W $299 CES
Ryzen 7 3700X
12 / 24 4.2 / 5.0GHz 105W $329 CES
Ryzen 9 3800X
16 / 32 3.9 / 4.7GHz 125W $449 CES
Ryzen 9 3850X 16 / 32 4.3 / 5.1GHz 135W $499


Ryzen 3000 series specs

According to the leaks, Ryen 3 3300 runs at 3.2GHZ with a 4GHZ boost clock. The 3300X variant has a 3.5GHZ base club and a 4.3GHZ boost clock. On the other hand, thermal design power (TDP) of the models are 50W and 65W, respectively.

e-Katalog leaks list the Ryzen 3600 with a 3.6GH base clock and a 4.4GHz boost. Then, the 3600X has 4GHz base speed and 4.8GHz boost. TDP os 65W and 95W.

Going up the ladder, the Ryzen 7 3700 has a 3.8GHz base clock, 4.6GHz boost, and 95W TDP. The Ryzen 3700X features a 4.2GHz base speed, 5GHz boost, and 105W TDP.

Finally, Ryzen 3800X packs a 3.9GHz speed with a 4.7GHz boost, all the while featuring a 125W TDP. The higher-end Ryzen 9 3850X has a base clock of 4.3GHZ, boost speed of 5.1GHZ, and 135W TDP.

Zen-2 architecture

Before AMD was even a thing, Intel was the CPU overlords. However, the arrival of AMD’s 1000 Ryzen CPUs gave new life to the market in ways nobody was expecting. Soon enough, Intel was forced to become more competitive and offer more power for the buck their customers were paying.

AMD’s first assault was on July 2017. Less than two years later, their new Zen 2 architecture-based chips may storm the market.

Zen 2 CPU architecture will be the first CPU to feature 7nm Datacenter processors, which will give an overall improvement in processor performance. Meanwhile, Intel is working on its own 10nm chips. It marks the first time AMD takes the chip lead from their counterparts.


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