Far Cry: New Dawn
Far Cry: New Dawn.

Far Cry: New Dawn is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows computers. So, stay with us, because we’re talking about how the game takes you back to Far Cry 5.

DId you play that game? If you, take a look: we have the fate of Joseph Seed.

Far Cry: New Dawn, back in a familiar setting

The post-apocalyptic world of the new Far Cry is different from previous entries of the franchise. Furthermore, New Dawn is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, albeit it takes place 17 years later in the same area: Hope County.

Far Cry 5 Hope County
Far Cry 5 Hope County. Source: WallpapersHome.

Far Cry 5 ended with The Collapse, a global nuclear war. There’s a new atomic winter looming in the horizon while vicious marauders -the Highwaymen- are taking control of Hope County.

As such, New Dawn is full of drawbacks, callbacks, and references to Far Cry 5. However, if you didn’t play that game, you would still be able to follow the new plot.

Now, the references to the previous entry are big story points you won’t miss, as well as optional missions. In a lot of ways, New Dawn answers the questions about what happened to the previous characters.

There’re many Far Cry 5 Easter eggs as well, and you’ll encounter them pretty quickly as you explore Hope County again.

In the meantime, know that New Dawn takes place after a nuclear apocalypse. However, Hope County is blooming, blossoming, so the setting is still very familiar. More so, the consequences of the nuclear war don’t make the game feel so different than the previous entries. Maybe the game didn’t take the effects to the extreme, thus scavenging and other activities don’t feel necessary

All of the references to Far Cry 5

Far Cry: New Dawn's Pastor Jerome
Far Cry: New Dawn’s Pastor Jerome. Source: YouTube.
  • Kim Rye and Baby Carmina: Far Cry 5’s Deputy meets Kim Rye and her husband while they’re preparing to meet their baby. Kim is now the leader of Prosperity after the nuclear apocalypse that devastated the world.
  • Grace Armstrong: the sharpshooter Gun for Hire mercenary is back in New Dawn as one of your Specialists to upgrade Prosperity.
  • Cheeseburger The Bear: the huge bear who mauled enemies as a Fang for Hire is no more. However, the F.A.N.G center still exists.
  • Pastor Jerome back in the team: Party Jerome was a crucial member in Far Cry 5. He was The Father, a “heavenly” soldier, a Deputy’s ally and a quest-giver. You can now recruit him in New Down as a Gun for Hire.
  • HurkHurk shows up in every Far Cry game to bring a lot of explosions and hilarious dialogue. The new Hurk is the same from the 5th installment, only now he’s created a life for himself since the collapse. Hurk is now a father in a Jon Wick-style vengeance against the Highwaymen.
  • Sharky’s Machine: the pyro machine-men from Far Cry 5 is back, and you can recruit him as a Gun for Hire.
  • Nick Rye: the old Resistance Member shows himself again in New Dawn. This time, though, he’s captured by the Highwaymen and forced to help them build airplanes. He’s also a Specialist you’ll need to upgrade Prosperity.
  • Master Fisher Skylar Kohrs: he’s one of the characters you can interact with in Hope County back in Far Cry 5. You’ll be able to find the bunker where he lived in one of the missions.
  • Larry Parker’s Lab: the lab where you could find ridiculous Far Cry 5 weapons like the Magnopulsar is back. However, no one is there anymore.

The fate of Joseph Seed

During the final moments of Far Cry 5, you can either kill Joseph Seed, Eden’s Gate cult leader or spare him. Letting him live is the canon ending. Like such, you know he was right about the end of the world, as Far Cry ended with the Collapse.

Both he and the deputy survived as they went to a bomb shelter, and you’ll find out in New Dawn he made it through the Collapse. Even more, he formed the cult New Eden, although they are also against the Highwaymen.

It means your path along Hope County’s Prosperity will intersect with New Eden and the things Joseph Seed has created and has done.


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