Final Fantasy 15
Final Fantasy 15

Naoki Yoshida, the -genius- director of Final Fantasy 14, has said he’s working on a “next-generation” project for Square Enix. Yoshida is currently working at the company’s new 3rd Development Headquarters.

The game creator is now directing a new “large scale” development. In fact, Square Enix is even looking for new programmers and designers.

Naoki Yoshida’s new project

Naoki Yoshida
Naoki Yoshida. Source: YouTube.

3rd Development Headquarters is launching a new project following Final Fantasy 15. The base studio is similar to Square Enix’s 5th Business Division, also known as Plaza Enix.

The new HQ is taking on a challenge they say is one of their biggest yet. It’s, per their words, “a challenge for the next generation.” It means, of course, the untitled game will reach PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. And, who knows, maybe even the Mad Box.

The recruitment page reads as follows:

“This project has already finished its initial development, has finished developing its development environment, and is now shifting to a full-scale large-scale development phase.”

Naoki Yoshida (or “Yoshi-P), is a Japanese videogame producer, designer, and director for the massive Square Enix. If you don’t know, Square Enix is the creator behind the Final Fantasy franchise and the Kingdom Hearts trilogy.

Yoshi-P has worked on various MMORPG titles, was the main planner of the Dragon Quest X game, and directed and produced Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Gaming industry says he rescued FF 15 from its initial disastrous launch.

Lastly, he’s an exec at Plaza Enix a part of the Final Fantasy Comite, which ensures the franchise remains alive and relevant with continuous quality content.

Revisiting Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV. Source: Microsoft.

Final Fantasy XV is an RPG happening on an open-world setting. It features a real-time battle title -much like a full-3D evolution of Final Fantasy 13- and incorporates rapid weapon swap, elemental magic, and additiional characteristics like vehicle travel.

Final Fantasy 15 launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 in 2016; and for Windows computers in 2018.

Compared to FF 15, the next instalment of the franchise is going to be more conservative as it will be more of a “core project”. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait a full decade for the game, though. As Noctis adventure started as a FF 13 spin-off, it took the studio six years to decide it was going to be a stand-alone adventure and, then, four more years to finish.

More so, it took Square Enix three more years to release the three DLCs, one of which added a multiplayer feature. In that regard, FF 15 became the first game of the franchise to offer both a single player and a multiplayer experience.


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