FFA 7 remake

Final Fantasy VII remake is finally on Square Enix’s plans. The acclaimed studio, RPG specialists, are teasing “a major release” by late 2019. As Kingdom Hearts 3 already saw the late back on January, we can only hope they’re talking about the Final Fantasy franchise.

The road to release the long-awaited remake has been long, arduous, and confusing. Ever since the Japanese studio confirmed the title back in 2015, there has been nothing but rumors of cancellation.

There’s been creative differences, team shifts, and other controversies that pushed Square Enix to put the game in the backburner. The fan favorite is not having an easy path. However, Square Enix doesn’t have any other big plans on their shelves, and it might be time for Final Fantasy VII to come into fruition.

Are Sephiroth and Cloud coming back in full HD? 

Final Fantasy 7's Cloud
Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud. Source: Square Enix Store.

Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix president, mentioned the company is having a “major” game release by late 2019.  He did so during a recent financial report commented on how the company did in the last quarter.

Because Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts 3 are already out, the Final Fantasy series is the third major franchise that apparently still has something in-progress.

Matsuda didn’t spend too much time on details, so needless to say this is all -hopeful- speculation. However, they did ask the company investors to look forward E3 this year, because the big reveal is coming then.

Other speculations are pointing the reveal has nothing to do with the RPG franchise. Instead, Square Enix might be working on a secret Avengers project alongside the studio Crystal Dynamics.

What else could the “major” release be?

In any case, we can only hope Final Fantasy VII will release for next-gen consoles. Expect to see it on the PS5 and the Xbox Two.

This option seems plausible enough given the success of the Marvel franchise. More so, we’re on the verge of Avengers: Endgame premiere. The movie will probably surpass the 2-billion earnings mark while closing a whole cinematic era.

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame. Source: Technobuffalo.

Square Enix might hop on the hype train while it’s strong. Let’s remember, for example, that Infinity War was so big that memes, YouTube videos, and all kinds of content about the movie still exists today. We can only predict Endgame will remain relevant for, at least, whatever’s left of 2019.

What can we expect from Final Fantasy 7 remake?

The studio’s team has been working hard on the Final Fantasy VII remake. So far, it seems the game will not feature a classic RPG turned-based combat, but more action-driven gameplay. In other words, gameplay will be similar to Final Fantasy XV, a fast-paced action RPG.

Final Fantasy VII remake
Final Fantasy VII remake. Source: GearNuke.

The real-time battle we found on the trailer is also similar to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Not much else we know about the game. We can share, for example, that original director Yoshinori Kitase is now the game’s producer, while the original writer and composer are back on the team.

The plot will remain the same, though. It follows Cloud Strife, a formed Shinra soldier who joined AVALANCHE revels, an eco-terrorist group. The group fights the Shinra corporation, who are draining the planet’s life energy, and soon they become involved in something much bigger and darker.

Square Enix is rebuilding the game from zero.


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