Google teases Gaming
Google teases Gaming

Enter Google into the gaming industry.

Just days before the Game Developers Conference kicks off, Google is turning the hype up to eleven.

Google released a video this Tuesday asking the viewers to join the company on their 10 a.m P.T. keynote on Tuesday, March 18. The company assures they will unveil their vision for future gaming.

The video shows scenes from sci-fi and fantasy settings along with a backstage inside a plane, a concert, and a garage full of racing cars. The video ends with the words “Gather Round.”

Could it be that Google is planning to launch its own console?

Google’s Project Stream

The YouTube video packs a link to “Gather_Around” on the Google Store. The link features the phrase “Discover a new way to play” and asks the users to sing up for further updates about Google’s gaming plans.

There are rumors saying Google could show a new game streaming device tied to the tech company’s Project Stream and Project Yeti hardware.

Google tested Project Stream on its browser, Google Chrome, back in January 2019. >It’s a service that allows playing AAA games on Chrome without installing the game. Also, it lowers the requirements of your gaming PC.

Project Stream
Assasins Creed Odyssey running at a smooth 1080p 60fps on Project Stream. Source: Tech Spot.

It means Google could allow anyone to play anything as long as they have a good internet connection.

Google’s plan resting on the shoulders of the world’s current most popular browser is a big deal. More so, it points to the only-connected future the gaming industry wants. Just imagine playing a game is as easy as just opening a browser, even on a Chromecast!

The next test will be on October 15, where a selected few will be abler to play Ubisoft’s next assassins adventure.

Google is not the first to stream games, though. In Japan, Nintendo Switch owners can stream Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Furthermore, Microsoft is also testing a video-game streaming platform for the Xbox.

Google’s own controller

Making things even better for the tech giant, the company is also working on an unannounced video game controller.

Furthermore, Google could show the controller at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

The patent for the controller includes a particular player notification system. The system will let users know when they get an invite to online gaming, chat or friend requests, or note when a new game becomes available.

More importantly, the controller will allow players to recall Google Assistant.

The patent also includes how it could look like:

Google video-game controller patent
Google video-game controller patent. Source: Variety.

The image above was put together by an illustrator following what the controller will pack. Google’s pad will feature a directional pad, two 360degrees joysticks, a voice command button, shoulder and trigger buttons, face buttons, and a rectangular body with rounded handles.


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