Hight Tech Glitter Bomb Package Porch Pirates

We have all seen surveillance videos of porch pirates getting away with shipped packages posted on social media sites, like YouTube. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to be a victim ourselves or personally know someone who has lost a package to a package burglar.

A mechanical engineer by the name of Mark Rober has a humorous answer to porch pirates. The package he devised looks just like any other shipped packages. But it’s the inside that’s different. When an unsuspecting package thief opens one of his boxes, the person will be greeted by a mini explosion of glitters.

Glittered Face
Credit, Dailymail UK

The video of the glitter bomb going off has become viral on social media with many people expressing their satisfaction and some even praising Mr. Rober for the idea.

Fun and glitter aside, this tactic may not be legal. According to the Cape Coral Police Department, you could be held responsible if things go wrong or somebody gets hurt. Thus making this one of those don’t-try-at-home ideas.

There are smart package locker systems available that you can install outside your property or commercial ones from companies, like Amazon, that customers can use in many cities. However, for private homes, these may cost hundreds of dollars, and these boxes may not offer the flexibility in accommodating large package sizes. If you’re concerned about packages getting lost, you could arrange to have them picked up from your local distribution center instead.

Source: NBC-2


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