Huawei Mate 30: Leak Reveals Line Up Of This Year’s Devices

The four devices were set to be unveiled at an event on September 19

Huawei is set to introduce the world to its new flagship smartphone later this week on September 19. Of course we have been hearing a lot about the Mate 30 for the past few months thanks to a range of leaks.

The latest leak comes from the reliable Evan Blass. It shows us the range of devices that Huawei are planning to unveil later this week. It appears that four devices are going to be unveiled: the Mate 30, the Mate 30 Lite, the Mate 30 Porsche and the flagship, Mate 30 Pro. Of these four devices, the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro are expected to come with the impressive Kirin 990 SoC chip, which has 5G built into it.

Leaked Images of the Huawei Mate 30 [via evleaks]

Design & Specifications

The Huawei Mate 30 is going to be a beautiful phone. Design wise, the most distinct feature appears to be the  impressive waterfall style display with the curved edges. On the back, the camera has been arranged in a circular module. There is an exception with the Porsche model of the Mate 30, which has a leathery look on the back.

Perhaps the most impressive part about these phones will be the chip that they’re packing on the inside. The Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro will most likely come with the Kirin 990 SoC chip. The Kirin 990 5G could possibly be the reason why Huawei was banned in the US. One of the major fuels of this trade war between China and the US has been regarding the development of 5G. With Huawei’s engineers having achieved the feat with the Kirin 990 SoC chip, it is said that America, not wanting to let China take the lead on 5G, decided to ban the company altogether. But regardless, Huawei is still standing and the Mate 30 is set to be one of the first major brand smartphones this year to come with a support for 5G.

The official specs and the prices for the phones will be revealed by Huawei at their event on September 19.

The Porsche design of the Mate 30 [via evleaks]

Huawei’s Problem

Huawei has a big issue with its ban in the US due to the ongoing trade war between US and China. The new Mate 30 phones will most likely come without the standard version of Android. It would most likely come with Huawei’s own Operating System. Huawei has previously stated that they will make sure the new OS will be based on Android. Vincent Pang, who is the board director and a senior vice president at Huawei, confirmed this at at an event in New York City’s One World Trade Center:

“Our new phones will still be based on Android. We want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem, one technology.”

But the main problem will be with the Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps. Android is an open source project and Huawei does have the option to build its own OS based on the Android project. But Google Mobile Services apps such as YouTube, Gmail, PlayStore etc. are licenced by Google itself. Since Huawei is banned from doing business with any US company, its new phones will come without these apps. Given how ubiquitous these apps are, this poses a huge problem for Huawei. It will be interesting to see how Huawei will resolve this issue.

All is not bleak for Huawei though. Mainland China is still its biggest market. And over there, GMS apps are banned anyway.

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