Improbla is the creator of cloud-based multiplayer platform, SpatialOS
Improbla is the creator of cloud-based multiplayer platform, SpatialOS

Bioware former executives are creating a new online RPG with Improbable

Improbable opened two studios by January 2019. Their studio at Edmonton, Canada, is creating their first game. A former BioWare general manager, Aaryn Flynn, is the head of the project.

The title is going to be an online RPG, but not an MMORPG. Let’s hope this becomes some sort of redemption for Flynn, who was the leader for Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s development. He was also assistent director for the original Mass Effect.

Improbable's firts game is leaded by Mass Effect: Andromeda main developper
Improbable’s firts game is leaded by Mass Effect: Andromeda main developper. Source: EndGadget.

It would be the first game created by studio Improbable, makers of the multiplayer cloud-based platform, StudioOS.

Bioware’s involvement in Improbable’s RPG title

We know little about the development but in a recent interview  Flynn said:

“We’ve got a lot of great folks with diverse backgrounds, not just some BioWare folks, although we have those. Folks from Ubisoft, folks from Capcom, that have come over and are helping us build what’s going to be an RPG using SpatialOS and Unreal,”

Another former member of the RPG masters, Bioware, is also part of the project. This time, we’re talking about art director Neil Thompson. He was the company’s art and animation director and served mostly for the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises.

Both Flynn and Thompson are leading Improbable’s new gaming studio i  Edmonton, Canada. The place already has 50 people on their staff.

Adding even more context, an Improbable exec made reference to Neverwinter Nights rich ecosystem of player created content. That serves as inspiration for the upcoming online RPG.

Furthermore, the game will be built with SpatialOS, a solution that enhances multiplayer features. SpatialOS will also help players have more “say” in what they would like to experience in the game.

In other words, Improbable’s goal is to “create together” the content of the game with their community. Of course, developpers will give an initial setting, plot, and graphics engine.

Here’s what Nerula said:

“I grew up in love with some of the games that Aaryn and the team worked on. One of the things we were most passionate about was that Neverwinter Nights was so player-created and player-generated. RPGs and storytelling have been such a massive part of the industry, but if we’re going to find a way for RPGs and multiplayer to work, we have to deal with the paradox of how do we make players feel like they have agency in a world which is in some ways prescribed.”

Seems to make the project is taking a step towards the right direction. What do you think? Leave the comments down below!


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