Instagram Adds Accessibility Features for Visually Impaired Users

Instagram is introducing two new improvements to its app to aid people with visual impairment. The Alt Text changes are expected to benefit millions of users worldwide who have visual problem.

The use of Artificial Intelligence has been gaining more popularity with the big tech companies vying for the next breakthrough in AI.
Instagram Add Alt Text to Photo
The first of the new changes will utilize Automatic Alternative Text generation on the app by using object recognition technology. This feature will distinguish items in a photo and will read out the objects as item description as people use the app with the accessibility feature turned on.

Furthermore, Instagram is bringing a custom Alternative Text input for photos. Users can now add more descriptive text to their photo upload. With screen reader feature enabled, people can hear image Alt Text as they view the picture.
Instagram Alt Text Feature

To Add Alternative Text to a Photos

Step 1. Have a photograph available for upload. You may take a new photo or use an existing one

Step 2. If needed, edit the image or use the available filters

Step 3. Select Advanced Settings at the bottom of the app screen

Step 4. Choose Alt Text

Step 5. Enter photo description as the Alternative Text for the uploaded image. Hit Done.

To Modify Alt Text to your existing Instagram Images

Step 1. In the app, go to the desired picture and touch the Menu icon (dotted horizontal bar for iPhone or dotted vertical bar for Android).

Step 2. Select Add Alt Text at the bottom right

Step 3. Enter photo description as the Alternative Text for the uploaded image. Hit Done.


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