Intel Xeon

We first heard about Intel’s upcoming monster of a processor back in August. The Xeon W-3175X will feature a whopping 28 cores. And according to the latest rumors, the unlocked processor will cost around $8000 at retail!

This report comes from just before the first day of CES. Popular online computer hardware magazine, AnandTech reportedly had a meeting with a boutique system integrator where they were inadvertently revealed that at retail Intel’s 28-core W-3175X would cost around $8k. This is a huge increase from the initial estimates from back in mid-2018. The W-3175X was expected to hit the market at around $4000.

The system builders told AnandTech that they were planning on shipping their systems by Q2 of 2019. But they revealed that the W-3175X would be available at retail before that. The W-3175X’s $8k price tag is just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed.

The Power

The following specs were leaked back in 2018.

Intel Xeon

The unlocked Xeon W-3175X processor will consist of 28 cores and 56 threads. It will have a TDP of 255W with frequencies up to 4.3 GHz per core and 38.5 MB of Intel’s Smart Cache. It will also support 6-channel DDR4 memory with upto 512 GB. The six memory channels and a socket change however will mean that the W-3175X will require a new motherboard. In total, the price of a PC consisting of this monster of a processor and the corresponding high-end case, high-end motherboard (such as ASUS’ ROG Dominus Extreme), graphics, memory and storage can be expected to be in the 5-figure range.

The Appeal

At this price, it is apparent that Intel is not targeting the average PC user. This processor could be ideal for someone like, say a trader, who makes 6 or 7 figures a day. To someone like that, greater power simply means more money, so they wouldn’t mind spending 5 figures on a more powerful computer.

One problem for Intel could be that the Xeon W-3175X could eventually end up competing against the company’s own Xeon Platinum range of 28-core processors. These processors currently sell at $8874. But unlike them, the W-3175X will be an unlocked, single socket part. So the appeal seems pretty clear.


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