If things were ideal, a product lacking certain features should be worthless. At least less than a fully-fledged version that comes with the whole shenanigans.

However, this is not the case with the hyped Intel Core i9-9900KF processor. Intel just unveiled the CPU, and, as we could quickly tell, it lacks an integrated graphics card.

Even so, the Intel Core i9-900KF is worth more than the Intel Core i-9900KF, which is a slight downgrade than the subject of this article plus a discrete GPU.

The odd pricing of the Intel Core i9-9900KF CPU

Intel Core i9-9900KF. Source: Tom's Hardware.
Intel Core i9-9900KF. Source: Tom’s Hardware.

Intel is currently listing the Intel Core i9-9900k for $529. Meanwhile, the i9-9900KF, without an integrated GPU, has a price tag of around $582.

It means the new model is about 10 percent more expensive while being less than its predecessors.

Both CPUs are Coffe Lake processors with Intel’s 14nm microarchitecture process nodes.

Regarding performance, both the Intel Core i9-9900K and the Core i9-9900KF behave almost equally.

The two models feature 8 cores, 16 threads, and a 16MB L3 cache. Each processor goes with a 3.6GHz clock speed, with a processor boost that goes between 5GHz to 4.8GHz.

Intel Core i9-9900KF vs i9-9900K vs i9-9900 vs i9-9900T Specs

You can see the full specs of the processors down below:

Model Cores / Threads Base Frequency Boost Frequency Memory Support Processor Graphics Cache TDP MSRP 
Core i9-9900K 8 / 16 3.6 GHz 5 GHz (1 / 2 Core)
4.8 GHz (4 Core)
4.7 GHz (6 / 8 Core)
DDR4-2666 Intel UHD Graphics 630 16MB 95W $488 – $499
Core i9-9900KF
8 / 16 3.6 GHz 5 GHz (1 / 2 Core)
4.8 GHz (4 Core)
4.7 GHz (6 / 8 Core)
DDR4-2666 N/A 16MB 95W $499
Core i9-9900 8 / 16 ? ? DDR4-2666 Intel UHD Graphics 630 16MB 65W ?
Core i9-9900T 8 / 16 1.7 GHz 3.8 GHz GHz (1 / 2 Core)
? GHz (4 Core)
3.3 GHz (6 / 8 Core)
DDR4-2666 Intel UHD Graphics 630 16MB 35W ?


The Intel Core i9-9900KF will debut this quarter and it targets hardcore PC build enthusiasts.

As you can see, these models are also low-power CPUs, which, by the way, is a great addition to its already top-notch specs.

The processor points to very high gaming and editing systems employing one or multiple graphics cards. You can check the Nvidia RTX series here or the AMD Radeon series here for reference.

However, for the price listed, there’s little reason to pick the upgrade over the existing Core i9-9900K. Many specialists would point having an integrated GPU on a processor is very useful for diagnosing system malfunctions and handling the light tasks.

For example, integrated graphics cards easily take care of colors of your display, 3D graphics, and light work at software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Having both these kinds of cards plus a fully-fledged GPU makes it easier to multitask on the computer. Instead, having only one GPU gives the card to much work, too many tasks, which basically renders it less effective.

Furthermore, the upcoming Intel Core i9-9900T, which made a short appearance on Yahoo! Auctions, is also coming this year.

The 9900T processor has a 3.3GHZ all-core bost, so it means it shouldn’t be more powerful than the 900K and the 9900KF.

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