Intel is working on 7nm
Intel is going for 7nm process nodes
Intel is going for 7nm process nodes. Source: Tom’s Hardware.

“NM” means “nanometers” and indicates the size of a computing chip. NM represents not only the size of the chip but also the process a manufacturing company uses to build the piece.

AMD was the first company to launch 7nm processor chips. The smaller the chips are, the more advanced technology they feature and the more pieces they can fit around it. More so, it enables more space to improve power efficiency and heat

The AMD Radeon VIII GPU is the first computing unit with the new microprocessor process node.

Meanwhile, Nvidia has fallen behind its competitors in terms of process node but definitely not in terms of quality. As their graphics cards are becoming increasingly expensive every year, like the $700 high-end GeForce RTX 2080. Henceforth, the company is probably ditching 7nm and stay with 12nm process nodes instead.
Intel, on the other hand, remains the chip-making market leader, and 2019 marks the first time other company wins the process node competition. AMD’s Radeon VIII launch left Intel behind with the already outdated 14nm.

The leading 7nm product will be Intel Xe graphics, which will launch alongside Intel’s upcoming first discrete 10nm GPU in 2020.

Tiger Lake Architecture will feature on Intel’s next-gen processors (10th-gen). The first 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs will premiere in 2020, and 10nm process is an accelerated version of Intel’s current 14nm.

Intel Xe Architecture
Intel Xe Architecture. Source: Tom’s Hardware.
The Intel Xe GP-GPU (General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) is the first 7nm chip arriving in 2021. The company assures it will deliver about 20% improvement over its predecessors.

It means Intel is overlapping both the 10nm and the 7nm featuring Xe architecture or Tiger Lake architecture in 2021. Furthermore, 7nm will take center stage in 2022.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Ice Lake, which will arrive late 2019, features 2X graphics performance, about 3X AI performance and 3X wireless speeds.


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