It’s Day 2 at CES 2019 Las Vegas. Intel has taken the crown as the main show so far as the company unveiled the upcoming 9th-gen processors.

So much has already happened at the Consumer Electronics Show. From giant 8K smart TVs to powerful gaming laptops, CES 2019 has plenty to offer.

Major tech companies are showcasing their next-generation devices. Intel, the world’s leading CPU builder, has taken the spotlight with 2019’s Sunny Cove processors.

CES 2019: Intel showcased Ice Lake processors

Intel used its keynote to present six new 9th generation Intel core CPUs. The upcoming set of chips will range from low-end Core i3 all the way to flagship Core i9 processors.

Intel explained the new processors would be available in the first quarter of 2019. However, the tech company didn’t share a specific release date.

9th-gen Intel core processors have 10nm lithography and Sunny Cove architecture. Sunny Cove promises twice the performance and power efficiency. It also brings support for Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3 USB ports. Additionally, Sunny Cove microarchitecture packs Gen-11 integrated Intel graphics.

The name of the 9th-generation Intel Core is Ice Lake. By late 2019 (November, December), we would see the first notebooks with Intel’s Ice Lake CPUs.

For example, Intel said at CES that Dell Technologies Inc will have Intel’s next-gen processors in its upcoming XPS laptop series. Furthermore, Intel’s data center chief, Navin Shenoy, has said new chips will be available in laptops by 2019’s holiday season.

Dell XPS laptop
Dell XPS laptop. Source: Windows Central.

Intel’s plans for the future

Additionally, Intel also shared some of its tech plans for 2019 during CES 2019 day 1. The tech company said they are working on a new artificial intelligence chip.

The new hardware is coming out in the second half of the passing year. The chips are Intel’s odyssey into the fast-growing AI-powered computing hardware market. The company will face competition from Nvidia Corp and Amazon’s Web Service Unit.

It’s unclear if the AI chips will be a part of Sunny Cove architecture. We can say, though, they are not going to be part of cheap processors. Instead, you can check elsewhere for a budget PC build.

Intel’s CPUs currently dominate the processor market. Hence, their chips also dominate the market for machine learning. Analysts at Morningstar believe machine learning industry will be worth $11.8 billion by 2021.

Machine learning at CES 2019

Both Amazon and Nvidia are creating their own interference chip. Probably, both companies will showcase such technology at CES 2019.

Amazon’s chip is not exactly a threat to Intel, while Nvidia’s business is not selling chips, but GPUs. Amazon’s chips serve to improve its services in the cloud; Nvidia’s chip will only enhance their own graphics cards.

However, if Amazon develops its own AI processor chips, they could ditch both Nvidia and Intel as their suppliers.


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